Every baby’s birth is different—as this family found out when their son was born while mom was asleep. Yes, you read that correctly.

Texas mom Laura Thompson was admitted to the hospital on October 9, 2020 so doctors could induce her labor. Thompson told Yahoo! News Australia that she was induced around 6 am and received her epidural at noon—but labor “took forever to progress.”

By 9 pm, she was still only dilated 6 centimeters, and she’d lost feeling in her left leg. Thompson’s medical team recommended that she and her husband try to get some rest before their little boy arrived. The couple fell asleep around 10 pm

So… can you give birth in your sleep?

Thompson did. She and her husband fell asleep after a slow-progressing labor, but were woken up shortly afterwards by a nurse who came into the room to check on Thompson and readjust her monitors.

“She woke me up, moved the blanket to move the peanut ball I was using, and yelled “BABY IN THE BED!” and called for a code blue,” said Thompson.

While she had been asleep, Thompson had given birth to their son, Jones.

He arrived quickly and quietly and was laying on Thompson’s numb leg, which was why she couldn’t feel him in the bed.

“I honestly wouldn’t believe it happened if it hadn’t happened to us,” the new mom said.

“I honestly laughed when I saw him. I had felt him moving for so long that I just knew he was strong and okay. It was a surreal moment,” she added.

The family is happy, healthy and doing well.

“Jonesy is our proof that 2020 isn’t all bad. He’s a pretty awesome little person,” added Thompson.