Did you have a baby in 2020? Do you know what the recovery rebate credit is? If not, you're about to learn a valuable lesson.

Tax expert Duke Alexander Moore is going viral on TikTok this week for helping parents with 2020 babies get the most out of the stimulus checks. In the first round of stimulus checks children were eligible for $500, and in the second round families are getting $600 per child, but if you had a baby in 2020 the IRS doesn't know they exist, because your eligibility is based on your 2019 tax return.

So this is where the recovery rebate credit comes in. If you welcomed a new baby (or adopted an older child) in 2020 you can use this credit when you file your tax return to get the $500, $600 or $1,100 your family missed out on.

The child credits phase out based on income limits. Single people can earn up to $75,000 and couples can earn up to $150,000.

If you made more than $75,000 in 2019 (or more than $150,000 as a couple) your stimulus check (and therefore your baby's) will be smaller than the check for those who made less. It will be reduced by $5 for every $100 of income earned above the cutoff. And if you made more than $99,000 as an individual you won't be getting a stimulus check.

Who says you can't learn important things on TikTok?