10 kid-friendly breakfasts that are fresh, quick, easy, and delicious

You will fear neither breakfast nor Mondays after checking out these tasty morning meals.

10 kid-friendly breakfasts that are fresh, quick, easy, and delicious

So, what's on the menu this morning, ma?

Mama said there'd be days like this, and quite frankly, sometimes there are. Maybe you're stuck in a breakfast food rut, or maybe life just seems overwhelming at the moment – especially life before coffee.

Have no fear! Motherly's here to help. We've rounded up 10 easy and quick and kid-friendly breakfast ideas. Instead of hearing whining, you'll be hearing a lot more of “thank you" and “you're the best Mommy ever!" with these recipes.

Ladies, if we can get through Monday morning breakfast feeding our kiddos a well-balanced meal, we can get through anything. So, bring it on Monday, because our little one just had a Cat in the Hat inspired strawberry cheesecake parfait and ate thewhole thing.

1. Avocado Toast

Super food, super good for your little ones.

[Recipe via The Kitchn]

2. Nutella Breakfast Pizzas

Because, Nutella + anything = happiness.

[Recipe via A Thrifty Mom]

3. The Cat in the Hat Strawberry Cheesecake Breakfast Parfaits

Read the book to your kiddo while they eat this delicious breakfast? Mom of the Year award, in our opinion.

[Recipe via The Seasoned Mom]

4. Strawberry French Toast Casserole

Bonus points for the fabulous presentation on these.

[Recipe via Jeanette's Healthy Living]

5. Hard-boiled Eggs on Toast

Serve this dish with some apple slices or blueberries on the side, and you're good to go.

[Recipe via The Picky Eater]

6. Banana Toast

Easy for wee ones to eat on their own, and super delicious.

[Recipe via One Handed Cooks]

7. Banana Hazelnut Pancake Skewers

These are gluten free, too. Plus, you have the option of dipping them in chocolate. Yes, please.

[Recipe via Food Faith Fitness]

8. Breakfast Cookies

Is there any need to say anything else? I mean, really. Do kids ever say no to cookies?

[Recipe via Money Saving Mom]

9. Pancake Muffins

Serve these bad boys up with a little maple syrup on the side, and you'll have one happy toddler.

[Recipe via Eats Amazing]

10. Apple Sandwiches

The epitome of easy, quick breakfasts. Great for a snack, too!

[Recipe via Caramel Potatoes]

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