Family fun night can be anything you want it to be. The main ingredient is fun! So, whether your crew prefers board games, competitions or just a chill night in baking holiday cookies and watching your favorite family movies there are so many options to make the most of your time spent together. But, I have to say, Minute to Win It games for kids just might be the most entertaining.

Minute to Win It games are super fun for the whole family, especially since the 60-second tasks can keep everyone’s attention. The games all follow the same basic rule: Complete the challenge or task within a minute. And they typically use household items. That means you don’t necessarily have to have advanced preparation. Play these games during the holiday season when extended family is visiting, for rainy day activities to keep the kids busy or put them in your game night rotation.

Here are 10 Minute to Win It games for kids for wholesome family fun

1. Cup stacking

This popular game rose to fame a few years ago and it’s still a hit. You can play with as many players as you have a set of cups for and there are many variations to how you can challenge players to stack. Whether you use disposable cups you already have in your pantry or these specialized ones, set your timer for 60 seconds and see which family member can win this Minute to Win It game.

2. Tipping tails

Line up or randomly place empty bottles, cans or even disposable cups on the floor. Then, tie a lollipop around each players’ waist (lollipop dangling in the back) and see who can use their tails to tip over the most cups. This is especially useful when you’re trying to find something to do with all of your child’s Halloween candy!

3. Egg balance

Give each player a plastic spoon with an egg on it. For younger players, then can hold the spoon in their hand while they run from one side to the other all the while balancing their egg so it doesn’t fall. For older players, you can make it more challenging by having them hold the spoon in their mouth. Of course, you can swap the egg for plastic balls or any other toy that fits.

4. Junk in the trunk

To set up, grab an empty tissue box and cut a hole on each end. Thread a ribbon, string or even a slim belt through the holes to tie it around the players’ waist. Put in 10 ping pong balls (or any other plastic balls that can fit through the box opening). Then tie the box around each players’ waist and indulge in some hearty giggles as they bounce around and shake the box to try to get as many balls out of there within the time limit. This might just be the most entertaining Minute to Win It games for kids to watch!

5. Mummy wrap

Divide into teams and see who can wrap their designated mummy the fastest using a single roll of toilet paper. Oh, and they have to use a continuous string, meaning no break in the paper! If their paper breaks then they either start all over again or tie the two pieces together. The mummy should be wrapped from head to toe, leaving space for eyes, nose and mouth.

6. Marshmallow toss

Divide into teams of two then line up on opposite sides. One team member gets an empty cup and the other gets a cup full of marshmallows. Players have a minute to toss marshmallows into their team’s cup.

7. Penny drop

Place a plastic cup inside of a bucket or large bowl then fill the whole thing with water. Players have to drop pennies inside with the goal of getting as many as they can into the cup before time runs out.

8. Cereal box puzzle

Cut an empty cereal box into small shapes. Then divide into teams or, if you have enough boxes, you can have everyone play for themself and see who can finish their puzzle the fastest. Under or within a minute, of course! Pro tip: Use a pencil to outline the shapes you want to cut.

9. Pick up fish

Each player gets a straw and two plates: one empty and one filled with crackers or marshmallows. They have to use the straw to suck up the crackers and transfer them to the empty plate. For older groups, you can make this game harder by swapping the crackers for Skittles or M&M’s.

10. Cookie face

Each player gets a cookie on their forehead, then has to use their facial muscles to get it into their mouth without dropping the cookie or using their hands. The first one to eat their cookie wins.