In a year when our worlds have felt a bit smaller, there have been more opportunities to observe and appreciate the little things that surround us on a daily basis. With a little fuel, your child’s curiosity about the world can really grow into something incredible—even from the comfort of your home.

As parents, we’re especially grateful this year for gift ideas that simultaneously engage and educate kids of all ages, which KiwiCo subscription boxes have always delivered. That’s why we’re jump-starting our kids’ holiday wish lists by taking a look at the KiwiCo Store, which features individual crafts, activities and projects for every age and every budget. (No subscription required!)

Here are six hands-on gifts that will spark your child’s curiosity about the world.

Glowing Nature Craft Set

KiwiCo Glowing Nature Kit

Great for budding biologists ages 3 and up, this craft set will walk them through making a cardboard mushroom that glows in the dark, a sock-puppet firefly and a wiggly jellyfish game. Along with learning about what makes each creature glow, kids will strengthen their fine motor skills and observational abilities.




Window Garden Growing Kit

KiwiCo Window Garden Kit

Your child will develop a new appreciation for the veggies on their dinner plate after getting a first-hand glimpse into how plants grow! With seeds, indoor planters and instructions to help green beans and squash thrive, children as young as 3 can learn about plant science.




Atlas Crate Classics

KiwiCo Atlas Crates

Even if travel plans are on stand-by, your child can learn about global cultures with the Atlas Crate collection. Featuring five boxes that introduce Australia, England, Colombia, Japan and Italy, kids ages 6 and up can get hands on (and even sample local cuisine!) with each kit.




Solar System Craft and Educational Set

KiwiCo Solar System Craft

If looking to the night sky always results in questions from your curious child, help them discover some answers for themselves with this detailed Solar System kit, which comes with a bonus magazine. Best for kids ages 5 and up, your child’s very own solar system can continue to be a topic of conversation long after it’s assembled.




Space Search Craft and Educational Set

6 gifts that will spark your childs curiosity about the world 4

Kids ages 3 and up can foster their concentration, gross motor and matching skills with this sensory box. Including a box your child can help design and then engage with through tactile play, this set will give young crafters a sense of all that is out there beyond the sky.




Capillary Action Science Experiment Set

KiwiCo Action Science Kit

STEAM learning will feel like play with this science experiment set. Made for kids ages 5 and up, the kit includes everything needed to learn about capillary action, the movement of water through porous materials. The accompanying magazine helps children make the connection between their experiment and what happens in nature.




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