With summer quickly approaching and children excited to put those swimming lessons into action, it’s time to start thinking about swim gear. Selecting bathing suits is fairly simple, but there’s something about shopping for goggles for kids that’s slightly annoying.

After all, they’re attached to their face, digging in their eyes for hours so getting the right fit is paramount. And, pulling them on and off can yank out their hair. The pressure is real.

But a mom has invented a product that won’t pull your child’s hair, and it could be a summer time game changer.

Ashley Carson, a mom of two, was getting ready for a family vacation and her kids’ swimming goggles were being quite a pain. “As I was trying to adjust my daughter’s goggles to make sure they fit her properly, her hair kept getting pulled,” she explains on the Splash Swim Goggles site. “She was becoming more and more frustrated and clearly expressed that she didn’t want to bring them. I knew I had to do something, because who wants to spend their time at the pool messing with goggles that don’t work and pull your hair?!”

That’s when she designed the first pair of Splash Swim Goggles crafted with cloth bands so they are gentle on the swimmer’s hair.

Splash Swim Goggles

mom invented swim goggles that wont pull kids hair 0

The goggles have high visibility anti-fog lenses, shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and are hypo-allergenic, latex and PVC free—basically a mom’s dream come true. Even young children can easily take Splash Swim Goggles on and off by themselves, but the suggested age is three and over.

Be sure to grab one for your little one in time for their next pool party and it might not be a bad idea to grab one for yourself, too.




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