It’s back! Target’s Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box, which sold out super fastback in February, is back to dress our babies for summer.

Each box costs $40 and comes with a surprise mix of six or seven boys or girls fashions, plus a free gift meant to complete the mix of outfits.

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When Target launched the box back in February we were thrilled to hear parents could buy it either as a one-time thing or as a subscription. If you do it as a subscription you save 5% and the next box automatically comes in the next size up from your baby’s current size. So, if you start with size 3-6 months, next season your box will bring 6-9 months clothing, growing with your baby.

If you don’t want to subscribe, you should act fast, because the one-time order boxes tend to go quickly, but Target is trying to meet the demand. “Since the limited-quantity box sold out so quickly the first time around, we’re expanding the program so more parents will have the chance to get their hands on the special assortment,” says Michelle Wlazlo, Target’s senior vice president of apparel and accessories.

Target is trying, but it seems like some sizes are already showing as unavailable, so you better order soon mamas!