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Your little bundle of hunger will spend almost all of their awake time wanting to eat (we hear you, kiddo).

This lesson will give you the basics of breastfeeding and bottle feeding to help you get off to the best start.

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Print your breastfeeding + changing log—

Print your pumped milk storage guidelines—

Breastfeeding Benefits—

American Academy of Pediatrics
The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine
La Leche League International
National Institutes of Health

Your class lessons—

Lesson 1: Newborn health
Lesson 2: Mama health
Lesson 3: Feeding your baby
Lesson 4: Your baby's sleep
Lesson 5: Bonding + playing with your baby

How much time our kids spend in front of a screen is something we have almost always been “strict" about in our household.

Generally speaking, we're not big TV watchers and our kids don't own tablets or iPads, so limiting screen time for our children (usually around the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines) has proven to be a reasonable practice for us.

It wasn't until this past summer when I started working from home full time that I found myself stretching an hour to an hour and a half or allowing just one more episode of Pokemon so I could get in a few more emails quietly. (#MomGuilt)

I also realized that I wasn't counting when we passively had the news on in the background as TV time and that we weren't always setting a stellar example for our kids as we tended to use our phones during what should have been family time.

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