Raise your hand if you’re all about decluttering your closet, but the thought of culling through clothing, shoes and bags is enough to evoke anxiety. We’ve been living in that reality lately and couldn’t agree more, mama. So when Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design gave us quick and easy hacks that instantly provide more closet space, we were all ears.

The goal isn’t to create more space for more clutter, but to provide storage relief so every item has a home. And yes, that’s not to say we won’t declutter someday, but if we can have more space in the meantime it’s a total win, mama.

Here are eight closet storage hacks to help you get out of the “my closet is a mess” rut:

1. Add liners





Add a few in your closet hamper to separate light and dark laundry, dry cleaning, tailoring and items you want to purge. “I suggest this tip because it not only helps separate your laundry, but it also is a place to house items that need action versus putting them back into your closet,” says Adams.


2. Install a towel bar for scarves





Scarf enthusiasts take note: Adding a towel bar is a chic way to add a display rod in your closet, but can also be used as a staging area to help with packing and getting dressed every day. “The idea is to hang scarves so that they are visible and that you’ll actually use them instead of piling into a drawer,” says Adams.

Another cool option is to install a pegboard behind your closet door or an adjacent wall.


3. Fold items in drawers from front to back





Fold clothing in your drawers from front to back, not top to bottom so that you see everything at first glance. “I like to see everything; if a shelf is deep, it should pull out so that you see all the contents on the shelf,” says Adams. “And, the same goes for drawers. When I open a drawer, I want to be able to see all the contents immediately without having to dig through to the bottom of the drawer. Use filing folders to help to fold tops equally and easily into drawers.” Cheers to no more digging!


4. Install valet pull-out hooks





Valet hooks are great for in-coming dry cleaning, packing, staging and getting dressed. They rest adjacent to your shelf or dresser and can be put away when not in use. “These are probably my most-requested items in a closet and rightfully so—they get installed into cabinet panels and pull out about 6 to 8 inches to give you more hanging space in your closet,” says Adams. “It’s a no-brainer.”


5. Use purse hooks to hang tote bags





Tote bags are notorious for slouching and falling over, but if you hang your tote bags they’ll stay upright and are easier for you to see. Adams suggests installing them under a shelf so you can space them evenly throughout.


6. Hang jewelry on walls





“This is a hack straight from Tyra Banks’ closet,” says Adams. “Simply line a wall with double-sided ultra-suede fabric and add hooks to hang costume jewelry. It’s a great way to keep jewelry from tangling.”


7. Adjust shelf heights based on your shoe inventory





There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful closet, but not enough room to house your shoes. When this happens don’t be afraid to readjust your shelves based on your show types and heights. “If you are someone who mostly owns flats, adjust the shelves 5 to 6 inches apart,” says Adams. “This will allow you to fit more shelves into your closet.”


8. Install battery-operated LED hanging rods





To add more lighting in your closet, replace hanging rods with battery-operated LED hanging rods . “This is a great hack if you are unable to hard wire lighting into your closet, says Adams. “It will also instantly help you to distinguish your navy from black tops.”


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