Between keeping everyone organized, acting as your family’s scheduler and still tending to the kids during nighttime wake-ups, the mental and physical load bearing down on moms’ shoulders is huge. It might be 2022 but it’s clear from Motherly’s annual State of Motherhood survey that moms are still pulling more than their share of the household weight.

The survey revealed that 70% of millennial and Gen Z moms schedule their family’s appointments, 68% of them woke up at least once for a child the night before—whereas a whopping 58% said their partners do not wake up at all. The disparities also reach household responsibilities, where only 34% of these moms reported that they share equal responsibilities with their partner.

So, whether you’re communicating about dinner ideas, which child has sports practice or scheduling appointments, these tasks can certainly be shared amongst the whole household. With a family calendar app or a family wall calendar that everyone contributes to, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone on the same page and take the load off of mom’s shoulders to keep it all organized.

Here are the best family calendars 2022 to keep the whole crew organized

schoolhouse big pic calendar

Schoolhouse Big Picture Calendar

Fill up your year at a glance with this convenient calendar that lets your whole family plot the year ahead. Each family member can write their activities in a different color to keep things clean and separate!

mom's family calendar

Mom's Family Wall Calendar

This calendar-meets-planner has plenty of space for everyone to write in their day-to-day schedule. It comes with two sticker sheets filled with things like, “Mom’s night out.” There’s even a convenient pocket for permission slips!

family organizer

Amy Knapp's Family Organizer

This wall calendar features monthly and weekly spreads for tons of writing space. It even comes with handy stickers and space at the end to jot down important numbers for your kiddos to always reference.

mom's manager

Mom's Manager Wall Calendar

Despite its name, Mom does not need to be the only one filling in family calendars! There are 7 lines so you can designate one for each family member and maybe even include other things, like bills.

The best family calendar apps to download now

1. Cozi

This app is Android and iPhone friendly. One person creates an account then can send an invite to up to 12 people to access the shared calendar. Everyone can add their appointments, work schedules, school activities, youth sports and whatever else your family has going on. It’s color coordinated and you can even set alerts for yourself and others.

  • Free and premium versions available.


With two-way syncing, you don’t have to convert anything that’s already on your Apple or Google calendars. Every family member’s activities are color coded, you can easily set up recurring events and you can create shared to-do lists. Compatible with both Android and iPhone.

  • Free and premium versions available.

3. FamilyWall

Share schedules, plan dinner and manage to-do lists with this shared family calendar app. While the free version lets you do all the basics, the premium version gets into the nitty gritty with things like real-time location services and meal-prep.

  • Free and premium versions available.

4. Flayk

When your appointment is running over and someone needs to take the dog out, this app lets you send a real time notification to all your family members so someone else can take over. It lets you share calendars, activities, appointments and the premium version even lets you create a reward system for chores.

  • Free and premium versions available.

5. OurHome

Each family member can add or edit the shared calendar, tasks or lists. Customize features to fit your family’s needs and keep everyone on the same page with synced calendars.

  • Free and premium versions available.

6. Trello

For the family that travels a lot, this app lets you create boards to make planning that family vacation a whole lot easier. Keep track of all of the day-to-day stuff as well as share links, comment on each other’s to-do lists and drag and drop tasks as the day evolves. Collaboration made easy.

  • Free and premium versions available.


Motherly designed and administered The State of Motherhood survey through Motherly’s subscribers list, social media and partner channels, resulting in more than 17,000 responses creating a clean, unweighted base of 10,001 responses. This report focuses on the Gen X cohort of 1197 respondents, Millennial cohort of 8,558 respondents, and a Gen Z cohort of 246 respondents. Edge Research weighted the data to reflect the racial and ethnic composition of the US female millennial cohort based on US Census data.