You've had a long day. But, good news: The kids are busy doing their homework, you've met all of your deadlines, the house is in pretty good shape as far as chores go, and against all odds, you have a few minutes to yourself. So, what's a mom to do? Why not treat yourself to an at-home spa day? You've earned it! And let's be real, it's been quite some time since you've penciled in some "mom time" on the family calendar. Especially now that we are not going anywhere since, you know, there's still a pandemic out there?

Regardless of your set-up, bringing the spa scene to your bathroom can be as simple as drawing yourself a bath. But it isn't going to be anything like the bath that you just gave your kids. This is a grown-up bath. So, push aside all of the bath toys, get that water running, and pour yourself a glass of cucumber water—or wine if you're in the mood for something stronger—because self-care is definitely going to be on the menu tonight.

Keep reading to find out how you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility with these easy bath time hacks:

Dust off your spa robe

LAKE 100% Pima Cotton Robe in Pale Pink

To officially make this a spa day, you'll need a soft robe to switch in and out of. So, toss that ratty towel that you and the kids always use to the side and break out that robe that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This spa-quality robe from Lake is made with 100% Pima cotton and feels luxuriously soft on the skin. Its adjustable sewn-in belt is even perfect for all of the expectant mamas out there because it offers just enough stretch for your growing bump.




Get the essential oils brewing

It wouldn't be a trip to the spa without breathing in some essential oils . Aromatherapy is a centuries-old practice that has been found to enhance the overall wellness of the mind and body with its mental, physical, and spiritual healing benefits. And since you're the spa owner for the day, you're in control of picking the essential oils. When it comes to relieving stress and promoting calmness, opting for classics like lavender and chamomile are your best bets. But if you're looking for something more invigorating, a citrusy essential oil like bergamot or a senses-tingling eucalyptus might also do the trick.

The most common way to experience essential oils is through your sense of smell, which is where essential oil diffusers come into play. This top-rated diffuser provides up to 12 hours of uninterrupted scent and its modern design meshes well with almost every bathroom color scheme and décor. You can also add some essential oils into the mix with your choice of bubbles. We recommend stocking up on Dr. Teal's Lavender Foaming Bath the next time you're in the drugstore.




Set the mood with your lighting

One of the easiest ways to recreate a spa experience at home is through lighting, and there are plenty of options available to help you replicate that relaxing ambience from your tub. If you prefer candles, line the border of your bathtub with your favorite scents to create a tranquil candlescape for optimal relaxation. Our favorite comes courtesy of Apothepure's Tuscan Sun Candle , which takes inspiration from the Tuscan countryside and features fragrance notes of sangiovese grape leaf, crisp apple, and cognac amber.

Another way to set the spa mood is with a salt lamp . It creates a soft amber glow and is believed to possess purifying properties and mood-boosting abilities. Those who are looking for a kid-friendly bathtub addition will get a kick out of these LED light-flashing bath toys that come in a variety of animals and offer a similar feeling to popular chromotherapy sauna treatments, which use the science of color therapy to access different energy points in the body.




Take a chill pill, literally

If relaxation doesn't come naturally to you, or you're just looking to feel extra chill during your at-home spa day, you might want to consider recruiting the soothing benefits of CBD . This buzzworthy wellness ingredient is renowned for its abilities to promote calmness and has become a mom-friendly remedy for reducing anxiety and stress.

CBD fans can get their chill on with Lord Jones' CBD Gumdrops , which contain 20 mg of CBD and are made from natural fruit flavors. The brand's CBD Tincture is another route to take if you prefer a dropper situation over gummies.




Bulk up your bath

While bubbles are always welcome during an at-home spa day bath, there are plenty of other ways you can turn up the fun. Take your bubble bath to the next level with this rejuvenating bath bomb trio from Lhamour . The set contains three homemade bath bombs, each made with natural ingredients like olive oil, jamts salt, and sea buckthorn, and help you unwind and de-stress while you soak.




Make yourself comfortable

Since you'll be in the tub for a while, it's important to make sure that you're as comfortable as can be—and we can all agree that most tub designs aren't the kindest to our necks and backs. Instead of relying on a rolled-up towel to prevent aches, get yourself a Luxury Spa Bath Pillow to keep you content. This one has three panels that provide the perfect level of support and has suction cups to securely attach to your tub without slipping.

If you don't have a table nearby but still want to have your beverage and electronics handy, investing in a bathtub caddy will be a total game-changer. This top-rated Amazon bathtub caddy is made with durable bamboo, non-slip silicone grips, and rustproof metal compartments to comfortably hold everything from that book you can't put down, your phone and tablet, and most importantly, that glass of wine that you've been nursing. Its collapsible design is easy to store and its length can be expanded to up to 41.5 inches, so it can fit any tub.




Throw in a mask, or four

When was the last time that you had enough time to do a face mask? Take a cue from your favorite spa facial and treat your skin to a little TLC while your body gets its relaxation on. If you have blemish-prone skin, a gentle pore-cleansing clay mask like Peach + Lily's Pore Proof Perfecting Clay Mask will do the trick. Those with dry skin, on the other hand, will love the hydrating effects of Youth To The People's Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask while those looking to boost brightness will feel rejuvenated after a round of Ole Henriksen's PHAT Glow Facial . You can also make time for a lip mask with convenient and nourishing products like KNC Beauty's collagen-infused Lip Mask .

To really make this a spa day, you can treat the rest of your body to a mask as well. If you've noticed some discoloration and loss of firmness in your décolletage, Maelys Cosmetics' B-Perky Lift & Firm Breast Mask will help tighten and smooth the skin. For expectant mamas, HATCH's Belly Mask is great for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks on your stomach during pregnancy and can also be used in postpartum for scarring.




Create a bath time soundtrack

Every spa experience is unique, right down to the music; sometimes, you'll be met with an instrumental medley of soothing sounds or find entertainment in a playlist of current pop hits. When creating your at-home spa, you're in charge of the music, so whether you want to have the full spa experience and play some meditating music or catch up on your favorite podcast is entirely up to you.

To enhance the experience, try a Bluetooth shower speaker like this compact one from Amazon. It's waterproof and has a rechargeable battery, so you can jam out or meditate without any worries.




Scrub a dub, dub

There's nothing quite like a full-body scrub to get your skin feeling baby soft. Start exfoliating your troubles away with a gentle and nourishing scrub like Volition's Turmeric Brightening Polish , which combines antioxidant-rich turmeric and hydrating olive oil to gently sweep away dead skin cells without irritation. For the lips, a swipe of Fenty Beauty's Pro Kiss'r Lip-Loving Scrubstick will help get your pout super smooth and pucker-ready without any mess thanks to its lipstick bullet packaging.

Investing in a body brush is another great way to exfoliate your skin while also improving its elasticity. Esker's Dry Brush is a editor-favorite and helps promote circulation throughout the body for brighter and softer skin.




Treat yourself to a massage

No spa day is complete without a massage of some sort. While you may not have your favorite facialist or massage therapist on hand to help get out those kinks, you can recruit the help of a handy facial or body tool to do the trick.

To get your face looking as sculpted and toned as it did pre-quarantine, Pink Moon's Rose Quartz Gua Sha will help reduce any signs of inflammation and create the appearance of smoother, tighter skin. Jade roller fans will love Esker's Allover Roller , which is a self-care must-have thanks to its versatility and extra-large size. It helps increase stimulation throughout the entire body while also promoting lymphatic drainage to release tension and decrease puffiness. If you're missing your deep massage, the Pro-Tec RM Extreme Mini Handheld Massage Roller's contoured design will gladly take over. It's technically intended for sore muscles after a workout, but we'll take any type of massage we can get.




Get oiled up

Now that your skin is smooth and glowing from all of those masks, scrubs, and mini massages, you'll need some hydrating products on deck for when you get out of the bath. Face and body oils are a great way to deliver skin-healthy nutrients straight to the cells while also locking in moisture for overall healthy skin.

Once you're all dried off, rejuvenate your face with a few drops of Codex Beauty's Bia Facial Oil , which is formulated with rosehip oil, rosemary, and prickly pear to refine pores, neutralize the effects of free radical damage, and boost hydration. When it comes to the body, a lightweight and non-greasy body oil like Versed's Keep It Supple Body Oil will keep you feeling soft and hydrated. If you're in a hurry, Flamingo's Light Hydrating Spray will get you moisturized in a flash thanks to its innovative spray applicator and lightweight, skin-nourishing formula. Expectant mamas will love lathering on a layer of Earth Mama Organics' herb-infused Belly Oil on their growing bumps to prevent stretch marks and keep the skin healthy.




Throw in a mani-pedi

If there's still time left on the clock, end your self-care spa day on the right foot with a salon-quality manicure and/or pedicure depending on what you've got time for. If your at-home nail salon isn't carrying the best tools, kits like Olive & June's Tool Box will level up your mani-pedi skills and make it look and feel like you actually went to the salon.

The seven-piece kit comes equipped with the brand's Polish Remover Pot and Clean-Up Brush for touch-ups, as well as a nail clipper, nail file, and buffer cube. It also features Olive & June's fan-favorite Cuticle Serum and The Poppy polish bottle handle, which gives you a better grip on your nail polish and makes application a breeze.




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