From the moment I learned I was going to be a mother, I started imagining how our spare bedroom would look as a nursery, but as my belly grew, my confidence shrunk. I wanted a room you'd find on Pinterest, but the empty bedroom quickly filled with purchases that didn't even look like they belonged on the same board.

I learned that while designing a nursery is an important early parenthood milestone, it can be challenging if you're not great at design, and it's really easy to go over budget on baby gear and furniture.

That's why we love the makeover that just happened in Walmart's online nursery section.

The affordable retailer has worked with in-house designers on six curated collections—Wanderlust, Boho Chic, Mid-Century Modern, and more traditional blue, pink and gender-neutral themes—so parents don't have to wonder if items will work together, they just will.

Lauren Uppington, the Vice President and General Manager for Baby at Walmart says she remembers the excitement of planning a nursery for her daughter, Lizzie, but "having to shop for the nursery as a first-time parent can be overwhelming."

Hard agree.

The changes in the baby department are meant to take that overwhelming feeling out of the experience by helping design-challenged parents stick to a theme (and a budget). Just decide on your style and shop, and all your baby's stuff will coordinate.

Here's what the collections look like:

Boho Chic


This theme incorporated the very on-trend option of adding some greenery to baby's space (that wallpaper is just $34.99 ).













This is great news for those of us who are great at daydreaming about nurseries, but not so great at designing them.