Ah, leggings. The mom BFF we never knew we needed. Leggings get us. They get that sometimes you need a more forgiving waistband than jeans can allow (thanks, postpartum life!). They get that sometimes you need to be able to sprint across the playground, crawl on the ground to clean up toys, and snuggle on the couch with your toddler—all in the same afternoon. They get that sometimes you were really going to work out later, you swear!!

In short, leggings don't judge. Which is why we're often left wondering: Wouldn't it be amazing if you never had to take them off — ever?

Here are 10 ways to wear your favorite stretchies all week while still looking like the chic, pulled-together woman you aspire to be.

1. To your kid's little league game.

Leggings were made for sporting events—how else are you supposed to jump up at a moment's notice to cheer on the home team? Pair yours with a team baseball cap and a pair of cool kicks. And because those bleachers are cold, throw on an oversized sweater to give your bum an extra layer.

2. To brunch with your girlfriends.

For a look that says “I'm excited to get out of the house without my baby" while at the same time saying “I'm going to house this eggs benedict," combine your favorite leggings with a blousy top. Then throw on a chic statement vest or jacket to give the whole look an extra dose of style.

3. To crossfit with your sister.

Those floppy shorts can't be counted on to keep you covered during the fourth round of burpees. Throw on a pair of heathered leggings and add a statement shirt that says, “Yeah, I'm a mom. So I'm already tougher than everyone here."

4. On date night.

Choose leggings in a thicker material for a more dressed up look. Top it with a detailed jacket and throw on a pair of heels for a little extra va-voom.

5. To the office.

Who said leggings at the office can't be done? The trick is to combine them with more conservative pieces, like a crisp white blouse and a tailored jacket. Finally, add a pair of statement shoes to complete the look.

6. To morning drop-off

Yes, in an ideal world you would never have to get out of the car at drop-off and could just wear your pajama pants, but on the off-chance that the spunky PTA president waves you over from the safety of your minivan, it's good to be prepared. Leather-look leggings and a comfy blazer fit the bill.

7. To the grocery store.

Errands demand comfy clothes. Leggings, a soft T-shirt, and supportive shoes are key. Throw on a denim jacket to fend off the freezer aisle chill.

8. To the playground.

For the ultimate “I'm a cool mom" vibe, throw on a statement jacket and pair it with a sleek pair of sneaks. Bold-hued beanie optional (but encouraged).

9. At home with the kids.

Also known as your life 99% of the time. We'd never tell you what to do in your own home, but the beauty of this look is that it's incredibly comfortable and perfect for everything from block building to cooking dinner. And should you have to leave the house (god forbid), all you have to do is throw on a trench coat to look completely pulled together.

10. Dinner with your in-laws.

Who doesn't need a little extra support when visiting family? Shapewear leggings and a chic turtleneck sweater will keep you looking calm and collected no matter what your mother-in-law throws at you.