There's been a lot of talk on Instagram lately as far as authenticity goes, and I wouldn't touch that topic with a 10 foot pole. Instagram, as silly as it may seem at times, is the reason I have the group of friends I do in New York, and often times is the reason I don't feel alone in this motherhood game, so for that I am grateful.

There are plenty accounts I follow for the images themselves, exposure to different parenting styles, or even insight on the brands and products they enjoy. But these four are different. I follow them because they make me laugh, and teach me not to take motherhood or instagram of all things that seriously. That's not to say their feeds aren't beautiful. They are. There are just days where a little comic relief is essential and these four bring it consistently.

So go ahead, get following (clockwise from top right):

1. thearroyos: @thearroyos

2. notatallsarcastic: @notatallsarcastic

3. bevcooks: @bevcooks

4. smithandjunie: @smithandjunie