*We’ve partnered with Baby K’tan to make life on-the-go with baby a little easier. This is You, before new baby arrives: “A diaper bag? Who needs it? I can just make-do with a big, cute bag I already have.” Fast forward to You, far from home, after baby arrives, in some gnarly changing room, with a diaper explosion (the technical term, is "blowout") on your hands (literally). How fast can you find your wipes? Your clean diapers? The extra onesie? That make-do diaper bag was a bad move. When you're thinking about a diaper bag, functionality and efficiency should rank high on your list. Oh, and style, too. So ditch the idea of using your fave canvas (or Louis Vuitton) tote as your diaper bag and register for a real deal diaper bag, like the Weekender Diaper Bag by Baby K’tan. Here’s why. 1. You’ll be prepared for anything. Like that aforementioned blowout. Baby K'tan's Weekender has 9 separate compartments, including a built-in wet bag, and lots of room for extra clothes, a giant stack of diapers, a spare swaddle, your wallet — all key to survival during your outings with Baby. 2. Germs happen, even on changing tables. Thankfully, the Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag comes with its own padded, antibacterial changing pad that helps prevent germs and odor-causing bacteria (ew). It’s also got a water-tight, germ-resistant, built-in wet bag for when a regular old plastic shopping bag won't hold up to those messy baby moments. 3. Babies eat. All. The. Time. And you know what your old repurposed bag doesn't have? A specially designated-for-snacks full-size insulated pocket, like Baby K’tan’s Weekender. 4. Digging for diapers sucks. Don't waste time digging around a cavernous, overstuffed bag while you’re mid-diaper change. The Weekender thinks "outside the bag", with its built-in wipes pocket and wipes dispenser placed on the outside of the bag. Genius! 5. It holds your laptop too! Yes, you can carry your techie devices (up to 14") in the same bag as your baby's soiled clothes, baby bottles, and all the things you'll need for a half hour outside with your baby. The Weekender Bag has a safe padded laptop pocket — making this an ideal drop-off-at-daycare bag. Or, maybe your baby will chill for a little, and you can actually get some work done while momming. Hashtag, WINNING. Find out more about the Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag here. Shop it below.

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Gray

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Green

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Navy