If you were at a family gathering over the holidays, you may have noticed that right next to that beautifully staged dining table was a messier, pint-size version called the kiddie table. But as the following spaces will show you, there’s no reason for kiddie tables to get such a bad rap. Whether you want to complement your adult-size dining table, create a stylish kid-size corner in an office or make your deck more child-friendly, these ideas will be a hit with kids and parents alike.

Hoi Ning Wong

1.Miniature modern

Between the photo on the wall of a child swinging in a tire and the stray toy on the floor, it’s clear that kids are the priority in this home. Yet that doesn’t mean style was an afterthought. Notice how the midcentury-inspired Lippa dining chairs surrounding the adult-size dining table and the Kids DSW dining chairs around the kiddie table feature molded plastic seats that are sleek and spill-friendly.
Louise de Miranda

2. Gallery wall

With all the light pouring in and the classic parquet floors, not much is needed to make this room shine. Still, the homeowner used colorful Series 7 children’s chairs around a minimalist kiddie table that’s only a few feet from the adult table but has a style all its own.

Tip: Add a collection of your children’s masterpieces on a wall above a kiddie table to personalize the space.
Stiff and Trevillion

3. Why so serious?

The whimsical chairs surrounding this kiddie table help to lighten up this serious, monochromatic kitchen. The cabinetry and marble are so clean and white that one might hesitate to dirty them with cooking, but one glance at the kids’ table and the space feels less stuffy.

If the owners were hosting a chic “adults only” dinner party, the table could be stored away and this elegant kitchen would look as pristine as ever.
Sutro Architects

4. Seamless transition

Here, the kid zone in the corner is visually defined by a break in the cabinet color from white to natural. Rather than stuff the corner with Technicolor furniture and storage products made for children, the design continues the classy custom cabinets across the wall and keeps the colors relatively toned down to make the space appeal to grown-ups too. In fact, the small scale of the table and chairs is the only thing that gives this spot away. Parents and kids can happily coexist in this multipurpose space.

5. Color coordinated

The kitchen and dining room are not the only spaces where a kiddie table can come in handy. If you need to pay some bills in the home office but still want to keep an eye on your little ones, having a table where they can quietly read or draw is a great solution.

The yellow Kids DSR Eiffel chairs surrounding the kiddie table fit in well with this room’s yellow, teal and gray color scheme.
Andrea Rodman Interiors

6. Family room favorite

Parents and their guests can converse and watch the game in this family room while the little ones practice their alphabet on a table nearby. When the table isn’t being used as a desk, it can double as a sofa console table.
Make sure the unit’s storage is easy for little kids to operate because it will help foster their independence and encourage good cleanup habits.
Reusch Interior Design

7. A room of their own

Don’t forget that playrooms can be beautiful too. This one — featuring a mini upholstered settee complete with an elegantly set table, perfect for hosting tea parties — is right in line with grown-up trends. The addition of a chalkboard on the wall ensures that this space can be used for more than just play.
Superior Home Services Inc

8. Take it outside

If a kiddie table is a good idea inside the home, it might be an even better one outside. On a warm summer’s day, a lot of kids might not be too eager to sit down and eat when there’s so much fun to be had outside. Consider adding an outdoor kiddie table, such as the light green Mammut children’s table and chairs from Ikea, to encourage the little ones to take a moment to refuel with food from the grill.

9. An alternative approach

If you don’t have the room or don’t love the idea of separating the kids from the adults during large family meals, take a cue from this handy homeowner and simply line the table with paper and provide crayons. Guests of all ages will appreciate the creative addition, and restless kids may stay seated just a little bit longer. And when the party’s over, all you have to do is roll it up and recycle.

Original story by Jess McBride for Houzz

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