I swear, no matter how high I turn up my humidifier these days, I wake up with my skin feeling drier than the Sahara. On top of that, it seems everyone I’ve ever met has a vicious stomach flu, so I’m washing my hands every 10 minutes, which is really adding to the beautiful dry landscape of my skin. Luckily, I found a handy little secret weapon that couldn’t be more helpful: balm sticks.

Olio E Osso has a line of balms that are about to change your life. There are several that are tinted and can be used as a lip and/or cheek tint, but I am seriously into the all-purpose, untinted No. 1 Balm.

It is insanely versatile: I use it on my lips, split ends, eyebrows, cuticles and anywhere else on the bod that an errant dry patch may pop up. Olio e Osso is made in small batches of pure and naturally sourced beeswax, olive oil, and shea oil, so you know it’s safe for pregnancy, and to use on your little ones. Just a little dab on whatever ails you and you’ll be feeling good as new! $28 each. Buy it here.