Looking for a fun, free and easy activity to keep your kids entertained (and indoors)? A cold spring and pandemic has made us really appreciate easy indoor activities, and believe it or not, you can get creative with play with a home accessory you may have on your lap right now: a blanket.

Ahead, find seven fun and easy activities for toddlers you can use with a blanket. Who knew blankets could be so fun!

1. Blanket Fort

Who doesn't love to hide away in a secret blanket fort? Drape your blankets over the backs of chairs to create a dreamy atmosphere to play pretend or read stories in. You can add fairy lights in it for extra coziness.


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2. Blanket or Towel Origami

You know those crazy cute towel animals that get left on your bed on cruises? Well guess what, you can make them at home! There's tons of resources to learn how online, I like this DIY video by 5-Minute Crafts PLAY.

3. What's Under The Blanket?

This is an easy guessing game that any kid will enjoy. Simply cover various household objects with a blanket and everyone has to guess what's underneath! It could range from as easy as a ball or book to as hard as a spatula! Be sure to put the blanket tight around the objects so there's some hint in the shape!

4. Blanket Parachute Game

Who says you need a giant rainbow tent to play the parachute game? Grab any large blanket and have one of your kiddos sit in the middle – you can either lift it around them and pull it in a circle to spin, or all lift it over your heads! You'd be surprised how much little ones enjoy this.

5. Blanket Cocoon

This activity is inspired by the picture book, Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness (full disclosure: I wrote this!) and will keep your kiddo occupied for hours. All you do is wrap yourself up in a blanket, get cozy in your "cocoon" and then when you emerge pretend to be any animal you can think of! I like to become a blanket-dinosaur!


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6. Magic Carpet Ride

The ultimate imagination game! Everyone climb aboard the "magic carpet" (erm, blanket on the floor) and fly wherever your mind can take you! Soaring to the beach? What do you see there? Water? A whale? Visiting Buckingham Palace? The possibilities are limitless.

7. Blanket Table Hammock

Your kids can pretend they're relaxing on the beach right in your very own kitchen! Maybe even put on some tropical music and sip healthy fruit smoothies. Here's a great explainer on how to do it from Just A Mum – long story short, you want a large sheet or blanket and sturdy table. You tie the sheet atop the table and make sure everything is safe and secure! Parental supervision recommended.


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