1. Khloe Kardashian

For years now Khloe Kardashian has been cycling between two hairstyles: Long, wavy, blonde extensions, and shorter, shoulder-grazing lobs. We love the lob on Khloe, but it never seems to be long before her extensions are back. The new mama just cut her hair again, though, and her sleek platinum lob is anything but frumpy.



Maybe Khloe will keep the short style a little longer this time, following in the style steps of these fellow celebrity moms who are embracing shorter hair.

2. Jenna Dewan



Jenna Dewan is one sexy mama , and her signature undone brunette bob is iconic. It's what everyone thinks of when they think of Jenna, and, as Dewan told People , shorter hair just fits better in her "lifestyle as a mom."

"I still to this day haven't actually done my hair, unless I have some sort of event or meeting," she said. "I tell everyone who cuts my hair, 'You need to cut it in a way that I can shower and go because I will not do myself, I don't have time.' So it just works. It's a lot easier to manage and it's much more free for me."

3. Lauren Conrad



Back when Khloe was a brunette getting hit with purses, Lauren Conrad was the original queen of the long, blonde wavy look. She did a big chop in 2015 but vowed she wouldn't cut her hair again—but after baby Liam came in 2017, she surprised everyone by going back to the bob.

"Honestly, it's more of a time saver," Conrad told People . "I have to blow dry my hair while my son is napping and it doesn't always last that long so less hair is less time. I don't have time for a lot of hair."

She's edging into lob territory now, but Conrad's current look is still significantly shorter than the style she rocked before motherhood.

4. Whitney Port



Conrad's Hills co-star Whitney Port is another mom whose long hair was enviable for many years but after giving birth to her son and getting some bad layers (we've all been there) she decided to take the plunge. "And… honestly, I LOVED it. It felt so 'of the moment,' and I instantly just felt lighter and cooler," she wrote for Flare. We love it, too.

5. Kim Kardashian



Surprise! Khloe's sister just cut her hair into a sleek bob and while we know the extensions are inevitably making a comeback, we love this look on Kim.

For years, mom bobs got a bad rap, but these five celebrity mamas are proving that short hair can be sexy and chic while also being lower maintenance.