Pizza and Netflix. They make such a lovely pair. ?But if you’re looking to break out of your date-night-in routine, we’ve gathered some favorite ideas to spice things up around the house while the kids are snug in their beds.

Here are 8 of our favorite ways to enjoy date night without having to leave the house:

1. Cook a romantic meal together

After the kids are asleep, slip into the kitchen together to cook a fancier meal than your usual weeknight fare.

Try a meal kit delivery service like Blue Apron to make amazing meals easier to cook together.

Cook-together-at-home meal plan:


An outfit that makes you feel amazing

Some romantic tunes that bring back memories

A few strategically placed candles

A tasty beverage of your choice

Bon Appetite!

2. Take it slow with a delectable mezze feast

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Instead of cooking an indulgent meal together, buy a feast of ingredients and nosh on them for hours.

We adore The Baker Mama Maegan Brown’s Mediterranean mezze delight (above).

We love that this dish allows you to savor a variety of flavors with your sweetie. Take it slow and enjoy every. single. one.



Mini bell peppers

Baby carrots


Feta cheese

A variety of olives

Stuffed grape leaves

Stuffed dates

Date bread

Pita bread

Tzatziki sauce

Lemon hummus

Beet hummus

3. Take a bath—alone or together

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Bath or shower, alone or together—spend some time getting reacquainted with a warm, relaxing dip.

If your bath isn’t large enough to accommodate the two of you, hop into the shower together. ?



Relaxing music

Bubble bath

A bubbly drink

4. Play bartender/ barmaid

Hit the bar—the one in your dining room—by dressing up a bar cart and featuring a specialty cocktail.

Let your mate play bartender and enjoy an evening of tasting and conversation.

5. Invite a crowd

Make date night in a little more exciting by inviting a few couple friends for an intimate evening. Dinner + party = Date night at your place.

Set the table with your fanciest china (or pick up some fun new pieces from Tar-Jay) and drop in a gorgeous floral arrangement to make the table really pop.

6. Paint me like one of your French girls

Or just eat like one.

Take a culinary trip to the site of a favorite romantic getaway—dine like you’re noshing on a French baguette on your honeymoon in Paris, eat like your amazing trip to Egypt, or indulge in desserts from your epic trip to China.

7. Open up Pandora’s box

Buy and try a sexy at-home date night like the one from The Fantasy Box. Each kit includes some sexy lingerie for you, some toys to play with, and some tips to get you started.

Buy a box and all you need to do is follow the instructions. Or take matters into your own hands and make the rules up as you go. ?

8. Play the Game of Love

Treat your lov-ah to a bedtime surprise.

The Game of Love is a customizable bed sheet board game.

Using washable fabric markers write in each space with a sexy question, activity, gift, mini game etc.

Pop the sheet on your bed, make the bed as usual, and at bedtime pull off an epic surprise for your partner! Roll the die, and together complete each space that you land on.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll make it to the end of the game but we can promise a good time will be had by all. ?