At Daily Dose of Smiles on TikTok, Kimberly, mama to Olive, a precious two-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, shares videos of her daughter in hopes of contributing a little positivity into the world. Her videos show the love that having a Down Syndrome child brings to so many families, and the importance of normalizing Down Syndrome. And with over 120,000 followers on TikTok, I believe Kimberly is achieving that goal. One recent video of Olive went viral, and I'd love to share it with you.

On Olive's 2nd birthday, her parents decided to get her a baby doll, but they wanted to find one that looked like her. When she opened the box and saw her doll, her reaction was priceless.

The baby doll came from a company called Little Wonder and Co., which offers a wide selection of beautifully-made children's toys, clothes and furniture, and includes a line of inclusive dolls, so that all children can see themselves represented. Their doll that has Down Syndrome looks just like Olive.

While you can view a shortened version on TikTok, Happily News has the entire video of Olive's reaction to her new baby doll, and it is simply adorable.

In response to people who say how difficult it must be to parent a child with Down Syndrome, Kimberly responds, "It's not, she is literally perfect to us. She is made just the way she was supposed to be. We don't see it as a flaw. We just see Olive. She's just who she is. And we feel like Down Syndrome is just a tiny part of her."

Kimberly's message, which is one that she also communicates via her TikTok account, is a simple one that resonates deeply. "Any individual with Down Syndrome, they are important, they matter, and they can thrive with the support and tools in their lives to do so. We should fight for them and make sure they feel included and loved and protected."

Part of that inclusion when it comes to young children is the toys that they play with, so I love how Little Wonder and Co. is contributing to this conversation through their inclusive line of dolls for children.

Girl With Down Syndrome Surprised With Doll That Looks Like Her