Stocking up for baby is often a very practical experience, filled with recommendations and checklists that make shopping feel more obligatory than exciting. It shouldn’t be that way, of course--after all, you are buying for the most special human being to ever come into existence, right?

I didn’t even know you could get so excited about baby stuff until I walked into the baby department at ABC Carpet & Home. Impeccably curated, and filled with treasures tiny and oversized, this magical little corner of ABC became my go-to for my own kids’ nurseries, and then my standby for everyone else’s baby gifts.

ABC’s CEO and Creative Director Paulette Cole says that, like the rest of this one-of-a-kind retail institution, ABC Baby has the “highest standards for our community and our planet in mind...There's no diverting from our commitment when it comes to baby--especially when it comes to baby.”

Below, she fills us in on the creative genius behind ABC Baby, and helps us get started shopping with her best picks for your baby--or someone else’s.

What's the ethos of the ABC Baby shop?

ABC Baby is a curated wonderland for the conscious consumer and his/her children. In alignment with the ABC Ethos, ABC Baby also uses beauty and commerce as a tool for positive change–in a very delightful and playful way. Our toys, aligned with the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, inspire creativity and nurture an early love of natural materials--wood, organic cotton, and of hand-crafted objects. They inspire endless creativity, cooperative play, and foster a child’s ability to engage imaginatively with others as well as develop their inner world.

ABC has such an amazing and eclectic selection of goods, from the ground floor on up. How does that translate into baby?

Our goods are always curated with the highest standards for our community and our planet in mind. It’s about interconnectivity at heart--from what we put on our body, what we put in our body, and what we surround ourselves with in our homes, and our collective home, the planet. There's no diverting from our commitment when it comes to baby--especially when it comes to baby.

What's the magic combination when you’re buying for baby?

The magic comes from a highly-educated and devoted team that upholds ABC's communal goals, seeking and editing through the ABC lens to find joyful, safe, sustainable lines for children. It comes from a paradigm shift, where as consumers we are requiring that goods not only be mindfully produced, but that they also are aesthetically inviting and allow for personal expression. And it comes from the artists, designers, innovators and craftsmen who have stepped up to the plate in a highly inspiring and creative manner to find new, beautiful ways to design elements to create one's own sacred and magical space.

How does your team pick vendors and products to stock? Where do you find the goods?

Guiding and informing our selection are the ABC Icons, our standards for social and environmental transformation. The icons stand as a conduit for change in industry practices. From Goodwood to Organic to Community-Made, our icons stand to cultivate a new economy of change. As to where we find the goods--locally, globally–wherever the wind takes us.

Paulette’s Picks

Check out the CEO’s new must-haves in ABC's baby shop, as well as her favorite gifts, whether you’re looking for something small or something splurgy.

For information on ABC's baby registry, contact the shop's concierges, Douglas McGeoch (646-602-3731) or Roger Maxwell (646-602-3313).

Homepage photos by Sofia Lynn Photography.