OMG mamas, check your pantry once again. We've just found out some of the most popular cereal and oat brands are still full of harsh chemicals -- the same ones found in the weed killer Round Up. So gross. Plus: is female rage all the rage? How to harness that anger into powerful and meaningful change. And, is a no-phone contract asking too much of our nannies? How tech parents in Silicon Valley are addressing our technology addiction. It's all right here in our Weekly Links.

  1. We can't live without our phones... but should our kids? Turns out parents in Silicon Valley are having their nannies sign "no-phone contracts," promising to keep the tech out of kiddos' hands. And the nannies are expected to be sans phone while on the clock, as well -- with other parents acting as "nanny outers", tattling on those who check their phone on play dates. What do you think?
  2. Remember a couple months back when we found out about weed killer being found in some of our favorite foods?! Well, part two of the Environmental Working Group's study just came out, and OMG, it turns out there's even more weed killer in our pantry than we thought! We're talking Quaker Oats, Honey Nut Cheerios, Chewy S'mores bars and so many more. Check out this report to learn more.
  3. As women, we have a lot to be angry about right now -- and as women who are mothers, there's even more. Think lack of paid paternity leave and the maternal mortality rate. But what to do with that anger? We're loving this WaPo piece this week about how to filter out the negativity mamas face, and harness our anger into meaningful change.
  4. We're just a couple days away from the midterm elections, and if you haven't already cast your absentee or early voting ballot, November 6 is the big day! So many of us are frustrated and anxious about the current political climate. One way you can make a difference is to Vote Like a Mother. If you can't volunteer at phone banks or canvass in your neighborhood, wearing these VLAM tees can start a conversation with your neighbors at the corner coffee shop or bodega (plus: promo code NOV6 gets you 15% off on anything on the site!).
  5. You might not be sitting in first class, but your kid will sure feel like she is with the new JetKids RideBox by Stokke. It's a suitcase your kiddo can ride on in the airport and sleep on in the plane when you slide it in front of their airline seat! The JetKids RideBox by Stoke comes in soft pastel colors, making your trip Insta-worthy from the time you step into the airport.