When you think of you car, what first comes to mind? For some, the car is a safe haven—where you have quiet time, catch up on social media, and order off Amazon because the kids fell asleep and you’re parked and need a few minutes. For others, it’s an avalanche full of every toy, piece of food, and (is that slime?) whatever else our favorite littles bring along for the ride.

Whether you love or hate the car, one think can make a mama’s life much easier in transit: Organization. Yes, it seems near impossible. No, it won’t take too much of your time. Hear us out.

We asked #TeamMotherly to share their best hacks, tips, and tricks to keeping their cars (or minivans) organized—and they delivered.

“I keep a backpack with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, etc in the car all the time so those don’t have to come and go. Keep park and sand toys in their own bag in the back. Keep a pair of shoes under each car seat. Garbage gets put in one spot and taken out whenever I’m parked in front of a trash can (gas station, park, etc). Teenagers know what gets brought in gets brought out. And wipes are great for cleaning the inside too!”—Gina K.

“Don’t let your kids get in there ♀️”—Brit W.

“Every time we stop for gas I throw away trash. The kids hand me it through the window. When we get home they help bring in stuff. Groceries, whatever they took along that day, etc. When we clean it the kids will help wipe down the seats (leather), clean the windows, and wipe down the inside of the doors.”—Sherry H.

“I use a small bucket from the dollar store to collect trash and dump it at gas stations too. Love that you get the kids involved. My dad always taught me that things last longer when you take care of them. That’s a lesson I plan to pass on to my son.”—Amanda L.

“When I get groceries, I put any cups we have in the car into one of the bags so that I bring them in to toss them or wash them.”—Michelle M.

“A car trash can has saved my sanity!!! A place for wrappers and trash can make a car look so clean and organized!”—Christie O.

“I use dollar store pop up hampers in the stow of my van to keep things like balls, swimming gear, sports gear…and other things organized.”—Jenny P.

“Just chuck it in and on the floor. Eventually it becomes a platform for the kids to get into their seats. Lol “—Nikki S.

“Keep up with it everyday. Don’t ever leave any trash or anything that doesn’t belong in the car. And keep a pack of baby wipes in the car to wipe up any spills or crumbs and wipe down car seats each day.”—Molly R.

“Keep as little in there as possible. I keep a basket behind each car seat. For my oldest it has a blanket Incase it’s cold and a ball cap Incase it’s hot and sunny. Behind the youngest i have two baby carriers and a blanket. And i also keep the car seat booklets in their doors.”—Kinsey S.

“No eating allowed in the car. Only water in their sippy cups.”—Annette F.

“I use clear pencil cases to organize everything. Paperwork, first aid kit, emergency toiletries… anything I keep in the car. Everything has a logical spot and it stays there! I use laundry baskets to keep things from sliding around in my trunk. I keep all my reusable grocery bags folded and placed inside one more bag. Most importantly, I put things back immediately after use. That way, I never need to spend a whole day cleaning my car.”—Amanda L.

And, we couldn’t resist this one from a husband

“My wife swears by: Fill car full of junk, scatter food and make baby sick, then break something just before running out of fuel, take my car, do the same until original car is clean, fueled and fixed …repeat.”—Tim N.