Ah, summer.

How could summer possibly be on its way out? We’ve

just gotten into the groove, it seems.

Alas, it is just about time for school to begin, which means needing to

be places on time. Every day.

My family isn’t a ‘go’ family. We just aren’t. As I’ve

accepted that, we’ve become happier and happier. I’m done trying to squeeze our

family into a mold that we aren’t. We are slow moving people. We thrive in the

not doing. My kids seem to have blossomed in certain ways this summer, simply

by not doing.

As for me, well. I am most definitely not a ‘go’ person. I

need a lot of time to recharge. I like to spend time alone. I like to wander. I

do not enjoy being handed a schedule. In fact, I detest it. Too much ‘stuff’

makes my heart constrict and my creativity wane. And, even though I know this

about myself, I often continue to schedule my time far too much, thinking each

thing will happen smoothly and everything will get done.  That’s not true though. This summer has truly

reminded me of that – I’m more productive and heart filled when I have space.

Anyhow. Now we’re about to jump into a new school year, one

filled with even more scheduling than before, I know I need a plan. Not a plan

for how to fit it all in.

But a plan for how to keep this lightness of heart, this joy, this contentment in being turned off.

I need some strategies in place

to keep this summer fun alive. Even among the ‘have to do’ chaos.

I’ll adjust my attitude

So. My strategy. Begins with attitude. And my attitude needs

a reminder each and every morning. Every morning I intend to remind myself that

the list of doing truly doesn’t

matter. I mean, I need to do it, but without a sense of duty. I’d prefer to do

them with a sense of love, a sense of non-attachment.  There I will begin – with non-attachment.

I’ll begin each day with opportunity

image 2671

I want to start my day without expectations. Instead of

beginning with the ending, with the hope of all I want to have finished by

bedtime that day, I’d like to begin with an invitation for opportunity. To

allow whatever needs to flow through our family to happen. That’s where the

magic is – no expectations, no attachments to outcome.  It leaves the heart room to breathe and grow.

I’ll stay in my heart, and out of my head

After my morning attitude adjustment, I’m going to try to

stay in my body and heart, and out of my head. All day long. I have intentions of waking up a

little earlier and spending more time on my yoga mat before heading out to face

the day. I say it all the time, but I think this is the year. At least I’m

telling myself that. I think I’m going to need it. I’m going to need calm

infused in every part of my being. Getting up early for a moment of quiet does

wonders for my soul, for my ability to stay present with my children and the

children I teach. This year, I’m going to do it. (We’ll see…)

I’ll remember to laugh

image 2672

Beyond all else, I want to laugh. I want to remember that

nothing has to be a certain way, that there is always laughter somewhere. My

children have eyes that dance. I want to dance with them. I do not want the menial

tasks of life to steal my family’s sparkle.

I’ll inspire myself and my family

Maybe I need to make myself an inspiration sign to tap on my

way out the door. Like they do in football locker rooms. Maybe that will

protect me from the stresses of the world from dimming the light and laughter so abundant in my home right now.

I’ll make room for “me” time

image 2673

There is, however, one part of life I will be scheduling this

school year. Me time. Time outs. Alone time. Quiet time. Restorative time. The

past weeks of freedom have shown me clearly just how much I need it. I’m an

introverted extrovert, I need quite a bit of alone time to recharge from my

social/out and about time. I need it as a family, and I need it for myself.

This year, I promise to myself to schedule it in and make it happen – more

often than before. I don’t want to end up short tempered and yelling. I want my

life to continue to flow. Like summer days.

There we go. That’s my ‘Labor Day, School Year, Keep Summer

Vibes Going’ plan.

Wish me luck. ☘