*We’ve partnered with Baby K’tan to make life on-the-go with baby a little easier. There is nothing more rewarding than a weekend away with the kids, where you can experience new things, explore new places and create memories for years to come. But...packing for a weekend away with the kids is another story. You’ve got to think of anything and everything that might come up when you’re away from home base for your baby, your toddler, or sometimes both. With that challenge in mind, we gave a few of our fave Instagram Weekend Warrior mamas the new Weekender Diaper Bag by Baby K’tan and asked them to pack for a weekend away with their kids. Below, they share their packing secrets, along with a little inspiration to turn you into a family travel bug too! Priscilla Ann Soulé @kauailife Why do you love to travel with your kids? The world is a big place full of beautiful people and things, and there's something magical about how children take on new experiences. Their inherent sense of curiosity paired with a certain fearlessness inspires adventures and discoveries we may have never stumbled upon without them. Where’s your fave spots to travel? While the boys have explored all over Kaua'i, from climbing mountains and hiking along 3,000 foot ridges to swimming under countless waterfalls, they've become seasoned off-island travelers as well! Past vacations include Oaxaca, Sayulita, and Key West. We've also road tripped all over California and Utah. Best packing tip? Focus on experience, not things. Pack just the essentials. Whenever we travel (whether it's just a weekend or a couple weeks) we limit our belongings to carry-on luggage only. We want our keiki out and about exploring as much as possible so while I may carry a couple books for good measure, they know that any accessories or toys they want must fit in their own small backpacks -- for overnight trips this includes their blankets and baby dolls and/or stuffed animals. We prefer that they get creative with their surroundings. Less stuff means more to experience! Biggest packing mistake? Surely that's a tie between packing too much stuff and forgetting snacks! I prefer that everything in my diaper bag has a designated spot, so I love that Baby K’tan’s Weekender has 9 separate compartments. I don't like digging my hand into a black hole of a diaper bag and wondering where to find the things I need. I'll group like items together, utilize pockets with efficiency, and sometimes I'll even use a couple smaller bags (such as Aloha Collection's travel pouches) to separate things. Lastly: Can't. Forget. Snacks. Ever. Priscilla’s essentials: 1. Swimwear, a Turkish towel and sunscreen for the family because every day can be a beach day. Baby Baggies Shorts by Patagonia; Salt & Sea and Kaikini Bikinis and Hoa Kai Turkish towels. 2. A good swaddle is full of endless possibility. Our go-to is the island inspired Coco Moon Swaddle Blanket because it's oh-so-soft and large enough to use for practically anything. 3. Sugarbooger Lunch Sacks, they insulate well, clean up easily, and hold just the right amount of goodies to share. 4. Cloth Diapers by Fuzzibunz for both boys and didn't think twice about using them for baby girl. It's amazing how simple they are to use and care for even on the move--we've even used them on our backpacking trips! The Weekender by Baby K’tan has a water-tight, germ-resistant, built-in wet bag that’s perfect for dirty diapers. 5. We never leave the house without books because few things are better than story time and sandy toes. Rosie Maxhimer @rosiemaxhimer Why do you love to travel with your kids? It’s so important for their development. It takes them out of their normal surroundings and comfort zones and expands their understanding of the world. It provides us as parents the opportunity to show them new things around every corner. Whether it’s their first touch of snow, their first dip in the ocean, or their first time eating BBQ in Texas, these little experiences are huge. I feel like whenever we get back from trips, I instantly see developmental leaps. Where’s your fave spots to travel? We love our road trips to spots just a couple hours away, like San Diego, Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Idyllwild and Big Bear. But have also flown with both of them to Austin and Las Vegas. And now that our littlest is a bit older, we have lots of other trips on the books! Best packing tip? If you forget something, it can probably be purchased at the other end! While not ideal, it’s just good to remember. We, as mamas, have about one billion things on our minds at any time. So yes, try to remember to pack everything, but if you don’t, don’t sweat it. You can probably buy a new sippy cup, or use it as an opportunity to have them practice with a “big kid” cup (yes, I may be speaking from personal experience!). Biggest packing mistake? Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, especially now that summer is upon us. We are a fair bunch, and I get so preoccupied with packing diapers, outfits, toys, and snacks, that sometimes sunscreen slips my mind... which often leaves us running to the store at our destination. Rosie’s essentials: 1. I love to get super matchy matchy with the wardrobe. It helps me kinda streamline my packing, and I know what my kids will wear each day because they match! And not gonna lie, it makes for cute photo ops, because lord knows if we are going on a mini-vacay, photos will be taken. 2. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, so I can throw the baby on and get moving. 2. Entertainment for the car ride: Books, teethers and toys. 3. Allllll the snacks! Find out more about the Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag here. Shop it below.

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Gray

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Green

Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag in Navy