15 amazing parenting lessons we learned from our husbands

There are some pretty amazing fathers out there.

15 amazing parenting lessons we learned from our husbands

When it comes to parenting, there’s a spotlight that shines down on moms. And while, yes, we did carry our little ones in our bodies for nine months, and yes, we do produce the magical elixir that is breast milk, and yes, we really are that amazing, we can’t take all the credit.

Dads are often overlooked for their equally important—if sometimes totally different—contributions to this whole child-raising game. So we asked #TeamMotherly to share the game-changing parenting lessons their husbands have taught them. It sounds like there are some pretty amazing fathers out there.

Here’s what you shared:

“That it's okay to push them out of their comfort zones. They will be fine, and probably even better for it. It makes me nervous sometimes but it's good for all of us.” —Darci


“That everything doesn’t have to be done ‘right now.’ Bedtime can be pushed a little if we’re playing and having fun. The dishes can wait if the baby needs some extra cuddles, and he can lay on the bed for a bit without getting dressed right away just so we can hear him laugh when we blow on his tummy. We can’t schedule in making memories; those moments are organic. And you can’t have them if you’re constantly doing something or trying to move onto the next thing on your ‘to-do’ list.” —Jennifer

“Don’t stress about the mess. Take time to breathe.” —Hara

“He's taught me that I should be more silly, and a be a goofball more often! I have my goofy moments but nowhere near how he makes the kids laugh! He's taught me that I should worry less about keeping up with the house and that stuff and being so serious, and just get silly with him and the kids.” —Elna

“To have fun. To not worry about petty things like, the house clean every moment. To make things into a game for kids sometimes. To just let go and enjoy the moment.” —Cheps

“To enjoy where we are right now instead of being in such a hurry to move on to the next phase. To slow down and savor the moment instead of being so anxious to move forward.” —Ashley

“That I have higher expectations for myself than I have for other people. I need to give myself grace more often.” —Monique

“That you're going to make mistakes but you can't dwell on them. You have to accept that you won't be perfect.” —Katrina

“To slow down and enjoy them while they're little and how important it is to be gentle and patient.” —Jeanette

“There's more than one way (or my way) to do things right...and his way is just as valuable.” —Lluviana

“Having fun is more important than sticking to a strict schedule. We can postpone dinner or bedtime for more quality time together.” —Sheila

“My husband leads by example and always reminds me to be patient. They are just little and are learning what to do and not to do, it's up to us to teach them and being impatient with them isn't going to get us anywhere.” —Maddie

“My husband is working hard to make me become more confident in my skills as a mother and he's putting lots of efforts to show me that I am doing a great job. We're first time parents of an almost 3-month-old baby girl. The beginning is beautiful but kind of bumpy. His unconditional love for us helps me keep my head up even when I feel like I failed in every possible way.” —Ioana

“My hubby has taught me that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. We can cloth diaper and use disposables. I can breastfeed and he can bottle feed. We can do BLW and spoon feed oatmeal, yogurt, and other fun foods. Once I realized we could break the ‘rules’ and do what worked for us life got a whole lot easier.” —Andrea

“My hubby reminds me to trust my instincts like he trusts his.” —Amanda

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