As the votes continue to be counted in this historic election and political tensions rise, a sweet moment between the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, and her great-niece is going viral.

Harris’s niece Meena shared the video of her daughter, sitting in the politician’s lap. Harris can be heard saying, “You could be president. You could be president, but not right now. You have to be over the age of 35.”

Meena said that her daughter is currently deliberating between her future as an astronaut and the President. She also added on Instagram that their conversation actually went on for about an hour.

Here’s why this clip is going viral: When Kamala Harris tells her niece that she could be President one day, she means it. Senator Harris is proof that hardworking, intelligent women can achieve great things.

When the final ballots are tallied, Harris could be elected as the first female AND the first Black and South Asian-American vice president. She’s poised to make history and when she told her great-niece that she could one day be president, Harris was also telling her: you can make history, too.

Representation matters. When our children see Kamala Harris on the campaign trail, they see a person of color fighting to represent her nation. They see a woman ready to hold one of the highest offices in our country. They see themselves and their children.

The final ballots are still being counted. Regardless of the outcome, Harris’s candidacy is meaningful. That’s why a sweet conversation between the VP nominee and her great-niece is resonating with so many people.

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