A 3-year-old girl in the UK may have just written the most devastating ballad of our time. "Dinosaurs in Love" has brought out all the feels on Twitter, after the girl's father shared the adorable, haunting song with the world.

As first reported by Buzzfeed, Tom Rosenthal, a London based musician, shared the clip online. He explained that his daughter Fenn wrote all the words on her own, while he helped "a little bit with the tune." The song's got it all: romance, drama, danger, and of course, star-crossed dinosaur lovers.


You know you're in for an emotional rollercoaster from the first note, as it starts out with Fenn warbling, "Dinosaurs eating people, dinosaurs in love…" The dinosaurs then throw a party, complete with fruit and cucumber to eat. But then—things take a tragic turn. The dinosaurs fall in love, but "a big bang came, and they died." Even more gut-wrenching—"dinosaurs fell in love, but they didn't say goodbye..."

The adorable song had people on Twitter laughing until they cried, and sharing their heartfelt reactions. Who would have guessed a song about dinosaurs written by a 3-year-old could trigger so many emotions?

Spotify even got in on the fun, asking Rosenthal if Fenn had an official release date for the song (which would surely be a smash hit).

London's Natural History Museum—home to a world-famous dinosaur exhibit—was apparently also hit right in the feels by the song, tweeting "we're not crying you're crying," in response.