This week, as we rounded up our weekly links, the team at Well Rounded wanted to try to find some words to try to make sense of the horrifying news of the Las Vegas massacre. Our daily conversation around here is about bringing new babies into this world, and this week, this world seems like a pretty frightening place. The only thing that's helped us make sense of it all is the love and the inspiration of our community of mamas -- in real life and online. It keeps us going, keeps us laughing and learning, and keeps us excited about the future for our little ones. Today and every other day, let's stand together, cry together, and heal together. We are all human and love unites us all. Here's what you should know about this week.

1. As we all struggle to recover from the senseless mass violence of Sunday’s shooting, mama and blogger Leslie Bruce writes beautifully and openly about the guilt and fear that comes with raising children in this world. If you’re struggling with how to share (and how much to share) of the devastating news with your little ones, read her essay here. As she writes, “we can teach our children that they live in a world where love always rises to the occasion, no matter how hopeless things may seem.”

2. Tired of that creepy whooshing sound your pump makes? Ditch the pump and #gomilkyourself! Francie, The MilkinMama, has written a book with the mission of teaching every nursing parent how to hand-express milk, freeing themselves from the outlet and enjoying more power, freedom, and less stress. The new book is due to arrive any day now, so jump on the waitlist and check out MilkinMama’s other resources here.

3. Does your kid want to learn soccer, the guitar or circus art? Curated Care got it covered. This online platform, the first of its kind, allows you to connect with caregivers based on your children's interests, and it's celebrating its first birthday! So for the occasion, they're offering a $50 credit to new members through the end of October.

4. Author, acupuncturist, herbalist and women’s health guru Aimee Raupp has created a monthly membership program just for expecting mamas. The Yes, You’re Pregnant membership includes guidelines on what to eat, what to avoid, what to expect month to month, and detailed support through all FOUR trimesters. Check out the program here.

5. Our very own fashion editor, Jenny Greenstein, is hosting a luxe private shopping event on October 17th, at 420 West 14th Street, in New York City. Featuring styles and exclusive promos from Leo & Sage, Sclarandis, Red Flower and Coco, shoppers can even score a discount on Your Soul Style services. Appointments are available for first-dibs from 10 am to 5 pm, and the general festivities start at 5 pm. RSVP and get your retail therapy on here.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash.