I was flipping through a home décor magazine while waiting in the grocery checkout line a few months ago and was shocked to see how un-homey these so called “homey” homes were.

As a mom to a busy 4-year-old and 8-month-old—who’s currently into everything—I knew that any type of décor along those lines wouldn’t work in our home. Too many breakables, things that could be dangerous and, most importantly, it didn’t reflect my kid’s personalities whatsoever.

We use every inch of our home as a family and I want my boys to feel like they are a part of that. Here are six things I incorporated into my home to keep it kid-friendly, minimal and yet tasteful at the same time.

Show off those cute faces

I want my home to feel personal and like a home to my kids. One way I’ve really reflected them into the space is by framing artwork that they created, hanging family photos on the wall and displaying any other artwork that is inspired by them. I currently have a huge drawing of my 4-year-old in our home that I love so very much. He appreciates it as well!

Encourage green thumbs

One of the best ways I’ve added color into my home—but still kept it clean and minimal—is by adding plants into the space. They always brighten the space in the most perfect way, are great for air purification and are kid-friendly. To ensure that no one gets into the dirt of the plants, I usually stick them down into large baby proof baskets. Works like a charm! ?

Cut (real) corners with the coffee table

Our living room is the heart of our home. We play in there, watch movies, dance… everything. To keep things nice and tidy and still functional, I knew I needed a coffee table that would serve a purpose, but be safe for the baby when he starts to pull up on things. I found a coffee table that had rounded edges, a spot to store things and a perfect height for adults. I always keep some of my boy’s favorite books on top, along with puzzles and other fun things. It’s functional, keeps things minimal and works great for everyone in the family!

Upgrade your storage

Instead of just your basic “TOYS” basket laying around, I used some of my favorite handmade baskets to store my little guy’s toys. They are crazy durable, add some nice character to the room and keep the clutter at bay! My go-to baskets are African Bolga baskets. They store blocks, cars and baby toys very nicely. I’m fortunate enough to have a vendor who sells them at my famers market, but eBay is a great place to find them if you can’t locally!

Don’t be afraid of rugs

I’ve had way too many people say to me “I don’t do rugs because of my kids!” You can totally do rugs with kids! They are essential in my household with wood floors and add so much GOOD texture to a space. Some of my favorite rugs that I’ve found that are 100 percent kid-approved, are jute rugs and WASHABLE! That’s right! They make rugs that are totally washable.

Invest in a cool art cart

Closets are great to keep the kids art supplies in, but I get tired of having to dig them out everyday. My solution to this problem was a simple Ikea cart filled with my little guy’s favorite supplies. Crayons, colored pencils, paper, art boards, magazines and workbooks. It’s low enough for him to reach on his own, I can roll it from room to room if need be and it keeps things nice and organized, which I love! (I still store the scissors, markers and glue away from the kiddos—for obvious reasons.)

With these design + kid-friendly features married, I always feel like our place reflects my little family so well. How better to make a house feel like a home? ?