My heart cannot find rest tonight. As a missionary, I spent time in Ukraine. I loved the people, the beauty of the country. I made many friends and many memories there. I worry about my friends in Ukraine; I wish I could do more

Tonight I heard my daughter stirring in her sleep. I went in to comfort her and lay beside her. 

I was able to hold her, kiss her, assure her that she was safe. She fell asleep in my arms to the sound of rain on her noisemaker. 

I thought about the children in Ukraine falling asleep to the sounds of war.

I thought about the mother trying to assure her children that they were safe in her arms, knowing that she did not know what may be ahead for her family.

I thought about the fathers and men sacrificing their lives to stand up for their country even though it came at great sacrifice, being separated from their family. 

Friends in Ukraine: two women sitting outside

I am angry, I am sad—but when I heard from my friends in Ukraine, they simply said, “God has His hands on Ukraine.”

I love you so much, Ukraine, and I admire your love and sacrifice.

I’m amazed by their faith, their bravery, their love. 

I have only come to love Ukraine more because they challenged me to stand up for what is right no matter the sacrifice, to trust God amid war and fear, and to love our enemies. 

My home is open; I am seeking out places that I can donate, I am praying. We are not helpless; every little bit helps. 

I love you so much, Ukraine, and I admire your love and sacrifice. America stands with you, we are learning from you, and I trust that we will unify through your example.