No one really ever talks about the struggles that come with deciding on how you’re going to feed your baby. Or the snide remarks that you may hear when you decide that breastfeeding is just not for you. But the truth is, breastfeeding isn’t for every mother. And that is OK. Making the decision about how you’re going to feed your baby is completely up to you, mama. Because you know what your baby needs. You know what you need.

This mother gets it, and through her post, pushes for all types of feeding to be normalized. Because the most important thing is making sure you have a fed and healthy baby.

“I hear so much about normalizing breastfeeding and I think that’s so important. But normalizing formula is just as important. Or normalizing pumping and bottle feeding.

To be honest, I felt so much shame about giving my baby formula at the hospital when I couldn’t get her to latch.

And I still feel a glimpse of guilt when I supplement with formula if I don’t produce enough milk during a pumping session.
Or when I nurse and she isn’t satisfied after.

I think it’s because I was picturing myself having this magical bond with my baby as I nursed exclusively. Which didn’t pan out.

Whatever is best for mama is best for baby.

Breastfeeding is TOUGH.
And the added pressure to keep going is always in the back of my mind.

So I always remind myself:
Fed is best.
Whatever is best for mama is best for baby.
Mom’s mental health needs to be taken into account too.

So yeah. Normalize all kinds of ways to feed baby. Normalize breastfeeding, formula, bottle feeding and pumping. Or a combo of all.

And most importantly: Normalize not shaming yourself for how you feed your baby. Because that was the biggest kicker for me 💗

PS: those are heating pads on my boobies – they help get the milk flowing!”