If you had asked me what I thought my top shopping priority for 2020 was going to be last December, I would never have said hand sanitizer. But this year has brought a variety of surprises (to say the least!), including a sudden need to prioritize clean hands. Of course, when it comes to little ones, clean hands have always been important. Especially when those little fingers so often find their way into little mouths, or when cold and flu season is looming, I'm always on the hunt for something that will keep their hands clean without drying out their delicate skin.

My hunt stops with OLIKA .

Olika means "differently" in Swedish, and this hand sanitizer certainly takes that philosophy to heart with their products. Not only are their sanitizers 65% ethyl alcohol (exceeding the CDC standard for germ killing), they're also made with natural aloe vera and glycerin to provide long-lasting hydration. Meaning you'll actually want to use this soothing product.

Their hand sanitizer also comes in a recyclable, refillable container that pumps out the sanitizer in a gentle mist (no more gloppy gels!) that you can easily and quickly apply to even the most fidgety hands. Even better, the mister gets you 15 times the use of traditional gels of similar size, meaning you can go longer between purchases. OLIKA's sanitizer is also free from harsh chemicals and made with vegan, gluten-free ingredients, you don't have to worry if you're doing more harm than good every time you apply. And those gentle scents? They're made from aromatherapeutic natural essential oils you'll love.

Ready to pick one up for everyone you know? Save 20% off your purchase when you use code MOTHERLY at checkout. Here are some of my favorite products from their line to get you started:

OLIKA Mint Citrus Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Starter Solo Set

OLIKA's Mint Citrus Hand Sanitizer is like a boost of refreshment every time you use it. A bit minty and a bit lemony, this solo set guarantees you'll feel super fresh (no matter what you've had to clean up today).

OLIKA Lavender Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On 3-Pack + Refill

Can't we all use a bit more soothing these days? OLIKA Lavender Hand Sanitizer is made with soothing herbal lavender to help you feel calm and centered, even during that last hour before bedtime.

OLIKA Fragrance-Free Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray 3-Pack + Refill

Prefer to skip the scent? OLIKA fragrance-free hand sanitizer is a stripped-down version with all the germ-fighting power and none of the essential oil.

OLIKA Charcoal Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On 3-Pack

This purifying, slightly woodsy scent brings a cool, clean vibe to your sanitizer—it's a perfect option to throw in Dad's bag!

OLIKA Orange Blossom Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Refill 3-Pack

Escape the hustle of the day every time you apple this sweetly scented sanitizer, featuring notes of mandarin and bergamot your senses will love.

OLIKA Cucumber Basil Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray 6-Pack

Fresh, crisp and reminiscent of an herb garden, this cucumber basil sanitizer leaves you feeling fresh every time.

OLIKA Scent Sampler Clip-On 6-Pack

Can't choose? You don't have to! Try all the scents with this set. Also available in the spray and refill.

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