As anyone with two or more children already knows, one is one but two is...twenty. Or it feels like it is, anyway, especially at first. Prince Harry, everyone's favorite royal dad, is opening up about life at home with baby Lilibet and big brother Archie. Prince Harry, who is in London for an unveiling of his mother's statue today, made a surprise appearance at the WellChild Awards ceremony on Wednesday. The Duke of Sussex is a patron of WellChild, the national children's charity in the UK that helps children and young people with exceptional health needs receive care at home instead of at a hospital. Prince Harry has been a patron of the charity since 2007.

Singer Ed Sheeran was also in attendance, where he asked his fellow red-head friend about new parenthood, round two. And yes, even Prince Harry is overwhelmed with the switch from one to two.

"Congratulations, a girl right?" Sheeran asked Harry, per Hello magazine . "We just had a little girl ten months ago now. You're still in the trenches now! How do you manage with two?" "Two is definitely a juggle," Harry admitted, validating all parents of two children or more who have had to make The Big Adjustment. He and Meghan welcomed baby Lilibet "Lili" Diana on June 4th. Sheeran has an infant daughter, Lyra. "We've been lucky so far," Harry continued. "She's very chilled and seems happy to just sit there while Archie is running around like crazy." It's almost like babies just totally understand the pecking order, isn't it? Plus, there's nothing younger siblings love more than to take it all in and watch their older siblings do just about anything. And then at some point, it all changes—typically around toddlerhood. Suddenly your older child is your calm, sweet, reliably calm one. The younger one goes from content and chill to the Destructor Of All Things and the Inserter Of Random Objects Into Mouth (No? just me?). Regardless, though, going from one child to two forces parents to completely reprogram their brains and personal limits. Everything you spent the last couple of years mastering now needs to be reconfigured to accommodate two children. It's not easy, no matter who you are. Maybe it's "a bit of a juggle," or maybe it's "a totally overwhelming circus." Either way, we love that even Prince Harry gets it.