My daughter,

I thought I knew everything there was to know about motherhood.

I had your two brothers, fell in love with them, and imagined the world through their eyes.

I always wanted to have a daughter , but thought that I might not necessarily get the chance. I was profoundly happy to be a mom to our two little boys.

And then we got one of the greatest gifts of our lives: We found out that a little girl was on her way.

Learning that we were going to have a daughter was magic. It meant that we’d have the chance to experience the world anew through the eyes of a little girl.

There is magic in seeing our dreams made into reality.

And by raising daughters , we experience the magic of taking a broken, unfair world and healing it with a generation of bold women and girls—and men and boys who support them.

Raising you to be strong is magic.

It means that while today you’re asserting your rights to your brothers, one day in the future you’ll be a woman who knows how to stand up for herself and others—even to people bigger than you, richer than you or more powerful than you.

Teaching you to be kind is magic.

It means that while today we’re encouraging you to take turns with toys and consider the other person’s feelings, in the future we’re helping to put an end to mean girl culture.

Watching you dress yourself is magic.

While today you put on non-matching clothes that might make us cringe, it means you’re developing a style of your own and a confidence to be exactly who you are.

Looking at you play with your brothers’ toys is magic.

While today you set up train tracks and MagnaTiles, someday soon you’ll grow up knowing that there is nothing—toy, job, experience—that you can’t do because you’re a girl.

Seeing you take care of your stuffed animals is magic.

While today you play pretend with your toy Elmo, some day I imagine you as a fierce, loving mother. And that makes my heart so happy.

Listening when you insist you want to “do it myself!” is magic.

Today it takes us 10 minutes to get out the door while you stubbornly put your shoes on, but one day that independent spirit will help you stand on your own in a new city, or country, or planet (it’s happening).

Teaching you to clean up after yourself is magic.

And while today it might mean that I have to pretend that you’re actually ‘helping,’ you’re learning what it means to contribute to the greater good of a family, a key life skill for any stage.

Encouraging you to rest is magic.

It means that today we’re arguing over naptime , and have a nightly routine that includes bath time, bedtime stories and early bedtimes, but some day you’ll learn that taking time to rest is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Seeing you play sports is magic.

Today we watch you chase the soccer ball while the wind pushes your hair back, but someday those sports lessons will remind you of how strong you really are, and how much you can really endure—and conquer.

Witnessing you embrace who you truly are is magic.

Today you like doing things your own way, even if it doesn’t make much sense to us (yogurt in your breakfast cereal… okay …), but seeing you break out of the norm in big and small ways brings us joy.

Seeing you take charge is magic.

You negotiate EVERYTHING (nap time, dinner plans, books to read) and while it can be tiring today, it gives us great pride knowing you’re growing into a girl and woman who knows what she wants and is willing to advocate for herself.

Being a #girlmom today is magic. It means that we get to help a generation of girls navigate a world of challenge and opportunity with confidence and conviction. It means we help to heal the world, and its social and structural injustices against women, one little girl at time. It means raising a powerful, conscious generation of girls —and boys.

It means we have the power to create magic—transformational change that turns dreams into reality that makes the world more fair for everyone. It means renewing the world one courageous daughter at a time.

So yes, being a #girlmom is magic. And it’s the greatest gift on earth to be your mother.



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