A music video by punk band The Linda Lindas went viral last week. The song, "Racist, Sexist Boy", which currently has over 300,000 views on Instagram, was written after one of the members, 10-year-old Mila, experienced anti-Asian discrimination.

"It was my first experience of racism, and I didn't really know how to respond," Mila said in an interview with The Guardian. "It seems like there are always going to be people that just never can see that it's so wrong to do that," she said. "Even though we're young and we're still in school and … we haven't learned everything there is to know, we know some of the important things that some people can't accept."

In addition to Mila, The Linda Lindas include Mila's sister Lucia, age 14, their cousin, Eloise, age 13, and their friend Bela, age 16. As we talk about raising children to be anti-racist, to stand up for social causes and to embrace their creative selves, well, The Linda Lindas are leading the way. Simply put, these kids are pretty awesome.

While the band is currently performing in libraries around Los Angeles (and working around school and homework schedules), they're not completely unknown. Prior to the 2020 presidential election, the girls released a single titled "Vote!" to encourage people to cast their ballots. They've opened for Bikini Kill, and made an appearance in Amy Poehler's Netflix film, Moxie. But thanks to the viral sensation of "Racist, Sexist Boy", the group is being introduced to a whole new fan base.

Click below to check out The Linda Lindas hit song "Racist, Sexist Boy":

Here's to fighting the system with music, kids. I have a feeling The Linda Lindas have a long career ahead of them. You can help support the band with some pretty cool merch (for both little rock stars and their adults) via the band's website.