Uh oh! I think I have caught a bug! Not the one that makes you sneeze or cough or makes your eyes itchy or your throat scratchy.

No, not that one.

I think I've caught the one that makes you teary eyed, makes you smile contagiously and warms you from head to toe. You know which one I'm talking about? I'm sure you've had it once or twice or a few times yourself before.

Yes, it's baby fever! I think I have caught it and to be honest, I am not sure how to cure it!

I have had the bug since my youngest started becoming a tad more independent.

Have you heard the saying, "the youngest is getting out of the way for the next one"? She has begun to demand what she wants to wear, proudly announce to me when she wants snacks and boldly sings her own songs wherever she pleases. She is starting to resemble my 4-year-old more and more.

I knew I was in trouble when she picked up the fork during dinner and started feeding herself! When I tried to help, she quickly exclaimed, "No mommy." It was such a proud moment for her and although I wanted to slightly weep in the corner, of course I did what all mothers do, I encouraged her independence. However, that's when I started to feel the first symptoms of this fever.

I knew my fever was getting pretty serious whenever I would see a cute little pair of baby booties or a new jumper and wanted to buy it instantly. I would secretly get envious of new mothers carrying their babes in adorable wraps or new baby products that I wish I could try too.

My baby fever hit it's peak recently during the holidays. I spent the week with my newest 3 month old baby nephew and I was smitten. The way he smelled, cooed, drooled and oozed cuteness was enough for me to say I am ready for baby number 3! I instantly missed all things baby. I loved holding my little babes, using my carrier wherever we went and taking sweet little naps together.

Then one random night my fever broke and it all came rushing back in like a storm. Both of my girls became sick at the same time. It was madness, if you know what I mean. We were up all hours of the night making sure they were okay; comforting, soothing and babying them nonstop. Then the memories hit me like a ton of bricks.

All of the blinding cuteness from my baby fever temporarily forced me to forget those sleepless nights that lasted for a year; the baby that would not EVER let me put her down (which meant no showers or eating without a baby right there wanting to be held); being eternally exhausted to the point of insanity at times; no date nights; changing runny poo poo diapers (I could skip that phase next time); hair and makeup disasters because let's be honest, who has the time for more than 5 minutes with a newborn?

Don't get me wrong, I am so looking forward to another little bundle of joy. My hubby and I are excited to one day have at least one more baby in our family to make it feel complete. I just have to make sure to weigh all sides and not to let baby fever get in my way!