What parent hasn't felt the wrath of a hangry toddler? When a kiddo is overdue for a snack or a meal, meltdowns and tantrums can become somewhat inevitable—which is what makes a funny TikTok of a three-year-old boy named Carson Harris all the more adorable.

Carson's mom Kellie runs an account called _carsongang_, where her little guy's sweetness is on full display. In one recent (and hilariously cute) video, Kellie plays a prank on the unsuspecting toddler. As he sits in his chair ready to eat, we see his expressive face fall as his mom cheerfully presents him with an empty plate.

"Oh no, mom," Carson says as he looks up in confusion, "My food is gone!"


Watch till the end. His reaction made me so sad ❤️Too cute

Off-camera, we hear mom ask where it went. Carson's eyes widen and his lower lip begins to tremble. "I don't know! What happened, mom? What happened?" he asks while looking around. You get the sense that the tears are just about to start falling when the little cutie abruptly changes course.

At the point where another child might have thrown that empty plate clear across the room, instead, Carson literally shakes off his disappointment, puts on a brave face and tells his mom that it's OK.

In the face of Carson's impeccable manners, Kellie can no longer handle the cuteness—and can't keep up the ruse any longer, either. "No, it's not OK," says reassures him. "I'm going to go get your food right now." A visibly relieved (and probably still somewhat confused) Carson simply says, "Oh!"

Commenters had some hilarious reaction of their own to the cute video, including one who asked, "What store did you get him and what price?" And we really can't blame them for the question—who wouldn't want a kiddo just like Carson? His sweetness has won him quite a few hearts: the adorable video has been viewed a whopping 83 million times and wracked up more than 18 million likes.