If there's one thing we know about life right now, it's that pretty much everyone is struggling. That holds true for our children as well—they're dealing with massive changes, and in many cases, they don't quite know how to process and deal with those feelings.

But as parents, it's our responsibility to make sure they're still extending kindness to everyone they come into contact with, whether in person or virtually. That's especially true where their teachers are concerned—because right now, teachers are doing everything they can to manage the changes they're facing while providing the best, most nurturing experience to our children.

Of course, we all know teachers have it hard right now, whether they're heading into this school year ready to tackle the beast that is remote learning or returning to in-person education with all its health risks. But a recent viral post pulls back the curtain on just how stressful and trying this time is for teachers... and it's absolutely worth considering.

A young woman who goes by @nyla_danae on social media shared the now-viral tweet, which reads: "To students starting schools today, Please be nice to your teachers. My dad is 53 years old, and not a whiz with technology. He's called me EVERY day, attempting to practice because he's so nervous and wants what's best for his students. Please be patient with them. They're trying."

We love this sweet dad for trying so hard and wanting so badly to be prepared for his students—but we also feel terribly sympathetic towards this man, and all the other teachers out there who feel totally out of their element while trying to deal with a whole new set of standards.

Whether they're tech-savvy or not, teachers are clearly grappling with the newness of this situation.

Maybe they're stressed about how to enforce mask-wearing and social distancing in their classrooms.

Maybe they're devastated about another academic year of remote learning and are already missing that in-person interaction with their students.

Maybe they are (rightfully) scared for their own lives as they head back to the classroom.

Whatever the case may be, they're all dealing with major logistical and mental fallout from all this, and they're doing their very best to do right by their students—both academically and emotionally. So let's encourage our kids to be extra kind to their teachers this year. And as parents, let's vow to extend plenty of grace to them as well.