Educators who are truly invested in teaching not only their students but the world at large deserve the moon and then some. A TikTok video from teacher @robigotsoles is exploding on the social media platform with nearly six million views, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re a 26-year-old fourth-grade teacher that sometimes shares tidbits about what it’s like being non-binary on their account. When they were recently asked by a commenter about how their students address them, they decided instead of just answering, they’d show it.

Because that’s the best way to teach us, after all.

“One, two, three all eyes on me!” they say to get their class’s attention. When they ask the class to demonstrate how they address them, it’s adorable and inclusive. “Miss” or “Mr.” isn’t always necessary to respectfully address an adult.

Teacher Robi, you’re doing such a wonderful job educating your students. You go beyond the traditional subject matter and you’re teaching them to be inclusive and accepting about the many different ways people can identify themselves. What these kids are learning at just nine years old, some people spend a lifetime trying to learn.

When Teacher Robi asks, “Y’all cool with that?” and they cheerfully respond “YES!” my own heart grew three sizes. It really is that simple. We should never underestimate what children are capable of understanding.

A+ for Teacher Robi and their class full of eager, happy, educated kids!