Being a proud older sibling is all fun and games until the realities of newborn life hit you. Like this big brother, for example. He's grinning from ear to ear, holding and patting his new baby sister to sleep and loving life. But this TikTok didn't go viral for the cuteness alone.

Nope. Things take a TURN.

She decides she's so relaxed from her big bro's charms, she lets loose in her diaper right in his arms (I'm a poet and didn't even know it, ha). His reaction is both panic-inducing and hilarious. It's a priceless moment, and it was caught on video—and now it's blowing up in views faster than this baby blew up her diaper!


Nah he heard that Valcano erupt and he got ghost 😂😂

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The sweetness. The confusion. The realization. THE PANIC. The "She pooped." And the abrupt drop of a brand-new baby. It's like it was directed by Scorcese—an instant classic. That big brother isn't having any of that dirty diaper nonsense!

I'll admit, the drop made my heart temporarily stop beating. Then I remembered newborn babies have Gumby-like skeletal structures and, obviously, the mom wouldn't post a video where her baby was harmed. But for a second there, I wanted to leap through my phone and give her the classic Mom Arm Save.

Maybe he back-patted it right out of her? Either way, she was comfy, cozy, and ready to let 'er rip. And the internet can't stop watching the viral TikTok over and over again.

"The way he just dropped her "

"He said 'return to sender.'"

"Babies are not as fragile as y'all think, she's just fine."

"Clearly he loves his sister, lighten up people!"

Wherever they are, we hope big bro and little sis are enjoying some sweet, safe bonding time.