Elizabeth Laime is a busy woman.

She co-hosts two weekly podcasts: Totally Married with her husband Andy every Monday and Totally Mommy every Wednesday and is currently working on developing a TV show for ABC Studios.

Oh, and did I mention she has a two year old and a newborn? We bow down, Elizabeth.

Totally Married is an honest, relatable, funny podcast on modern marriage. Elizabeth and Andy are adorable and easy to listen to as they discuss their ups and downs and take questions from listeners every week.

This week, Elizabeth took our questions on marriage after baby number two. How does it all work when there is another human added into the mix?

How has your marriage been since welcoming your son into your family? Have you felt any changes in your relationship?

Elizabeth: Our marriage has been great. There have been challenges of course, but at this point we are so dialed into needing to communicate through it all and everyone’s feelings matter in our house.

Mostly though, I feel incredibly grateful to have a husband who will laugh through the craziness with me and be there as a listening ear for me when I’m a crying, leaking mess which is all too often these days.

Would you say is having your first baby more stressful on a marriage, or your second?

Elizabeth: First was! The adjustment from total freedom to having the most massive responsibility in the world (on zero sleep) was way more challenging both as individuals and on our marriage.

How do you two fit in alone time now as parents of two?

Elizabeth: Luckily we have the podcast weekly so there is an hour every week where we sit down and connect and it’s usually not about the kids.

We also walk up to get coffee with the kids about three mornings a week which is a great time to connect and talk about our day. We text throughout most days to check in which keeps us connected.

Finish the sentence…

Finding a night to go on a date…is necessary!

Sex in your life right now means…quality over quantity.

Romance is…my husband washing bottles every morning.

My husband is sexy because…he is an amazing father and he keeps me laughing through the challenges.

I feel most sexy when…I have on a normal bra, makeup, regular clothes (non maternity) for a rare night out.

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