Do you ever just get a song stuck in your head on repeat? With everything in our lives on repeat these days it's easy to do, and Montana mom of three Jenie Borders knows it.

She created a parody to the song "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I (if you're on TikTok you know it) to express her feelings about the Groundhog Day-style routines we're all living with our kids right now.

She changed the chorus from the original "dance for me, dance for me, dance for me" to "They say 'hey mommy, hey mommy, hey mommy, hey hey hey, can we please just go and play with friends today?' And I say, 'no babies, no babies, no babies, not today, because we're stuck inside 'til corona goes away.'"

In a world where it's hard to find joy, Borders is sharing a bit of humor and her video is going viral, having been viewed millions of times as of this writing.

Hey Momma an ode to quarantined parents - parody of Tones and I Dance Monkey

"This has all be a very crazy experience for me but I am so excited that people are enjoying my song," Borders tells Motherly, adding that "There is so much to do and it's hard to know if we are doing it all right."

She says she wants other moms to hang on during this difficult time. "I know somedays it is so hard. Hard to juggle the kids, and meals, and housework," she explains. "Worrying about if you're doing a good job with the social distance learning, are you doing enough to make sure your home is safe and disinfected, worrying about if your partner might bring something home from work with them, worrying about how you're going to pay your bills and feed your families if you and your partner aren't working."

According to Borders, now is the time to drop some balls. "There are days when I'm making my family three-course meals and others when I throw a pop tart at them and hope for the best. My house isn't always clean, the kids sometimes don't get bathed, and honestly most days neither do I, but we are doing it! Moms all over the world are dealing with the day-to-day struggle and we're killing it, wether we can see it or not. If your kids are alive, fed, happy then we are doing a great job!"

The coronavirus is a very serious situation, but we're glad Borders can make people smile even when times are as tough as they are and we're glad she's offering this ear worm of a tune and great advice: "Remembering that 'we might not have it all together, but together we have it all."