As you know we love our city and all that it offers--food, art, music, culture, playgrounds... more food. But out of the endless list of goods, one of the best parts is its walkability. Being able to step outside your door with your baby held closely to you in a carrier or snuggled up in his or her stroller to head to your local (or not-so-local park) is more of a gift than you know. Especially when it comes to getting back into and (more importantly) keeping in shape after having your little one. Like many working parents, I go through periods where I struggle to make time for my fitness, so when Jawbone challenged us to take the Jawbone UP MOVE activity tracker for a test drive around town, I had to accept. Admittedly I wasn't quite sure what I would discover since most days I spend more time thinking about working out than actually working out. But as a city mama, the results didn't turn out as dismal as I anticipated. I am a walker. If the bus is even a minute late (and in Greenpoint, where I live, it's often more), I haul ass to the next stop. Like most New Yorkers, I'd much rather walk a few extra minutes just to keep moving. After wearing the Jawbone UP MOVE for a few weeks and keeping track of my daily steps and sleep, I discovered that on most days, I beat my age range's average by at least 2,000 steps and nearly reached the 10,000 step goal is ideal for great health. And here I was feeling guilty about not going to the gym! On the days I slipped (note: beach vacations while relaxing may not be activity inducing), I tried to make up for it the following day. And not by entering the gym, but by taking the stairs, or chasing my son on the scooter, or simply walking a few extra blocks to the next subway stop. Not only does the Jawbone UP MOVE do a fantastic job of tracking activity--whether it be walking, pilates or sleep--but it's also paired with the SmartCoach technology on the Jawbone UP app. That makes it the ultimate motivator, spilling out facts, tips and even motivational sayings like "Be Grateful" along the way. So don't fret about not having time to workout mama. If you keep it moving, the city could be all you need to stay fit. Sleep patterns on the other hand, well, that's a whole other story. This post was brought to you by Jawbone UP MOVE.