I don't even know where to start when it comes to how amazing my husband is. I met him 6 years ago and within those 6 years we got married and had 2 amazing little guys. He's helped me through a lot in my life, including being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. He always sees the good in things and holds family as the number one priority on his list.

Watching him and the way he is with our boys is something that I often take for granted. So I want to stop, and celebrate this amazing dad.

He's such a great father and an equally amazing husband that I sometimes forget to say how much I appreciate him.

One of the many great memories that I have of him being a #RockSTARDad is November of last year when I had to deliver my son via emergency C-section 6 week premature, he had to stay in the Level II Nursery for a week and my husband didn't leave his side. He was the strong one between the both of us during that time. Seeing my son with a nasal cannula and a feeding tube made me breakdown each time I set foot to see him.

My husband was right there though by our son's side in the NICU, making sure that he wasn't alone and that he knew we loved him.

The hardest day was when I got discharged from the hospital without my son. I knew he was going to be okay but it was so hard to leave him. Even then, my husband refused to leave my son's side—so they arranged for him to stay in an extra room by the nursery to rest. He was there to hold my little guy's hand when I couldn't.

My husband changed every tiny little diaper and practiced swaddling. He took as many pictures as he could so I wouldn't feel like such a bad mom because I couldn't physically do any of that. When medical staff took my son's feeding tube out, my husband was there to give him his first syringe of formula. Whenever my son's monitor went off you can tell in his eyes how scared he was—but he was so strong and would assure me everything was okay.

After seven long and painful days in the Level II Nursery, our youngest finally got to go home with us.

I will never forget that first night back home with my family intact, knowing that if wasn't for my rockstar husband I wouldn't have made it out of that nightmare.

I am happy to say that our youngest is 65th percentile for his weight, a little chunky monkey. My husband is an amazing father. He would give his own life for his sons. He is a pretty amazing dad and we're so blessed to have him.

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