Illustration by Amrita Marino.

With just thirty-one days left to go in the year (and most of that being shopping, holidays, or weekends), all the cutest designs and coolest goodies are vying to get your attention and your hard-earned dollars. We’ve found some adorable and innovative goods, a registry that will get your tummy rumbling, and some practical self-care tips in this edition of Well Rounded’s Weekly Links. 1. All parents want to be the best they can possibly be for their kids, and it may surprise you that one of the best things you can do for them is to ditch them every once in awhile. Author Jancee Dunn penned this insightful article about the outdated belief that women need less alone time than men and how this thought led to resentment in her marriage. Take a look here, then go take a hike (or something). It’ll make you a happier, saner human being. 2. Health alert! The MiNESS study, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, has revealed evidence indicating that the risk of stillbirths doubles when late-term mothers sleep on their backs. Although they’re not sure why, researchers are hypothesizing that the combined weight of the baby and womb puts pressure on blood vessels which can then restrict blood flow and oxygen to the baby. Find out more and read the study here. 3. Last week, Freshly Picked, known for their leather diaper bag and their super cute baby moccasins, released a new collection of baby booties in partnership with Disney. The classically cute styles feature character favorites like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy. They’re selling out quickly, but you can check out the collection here. 4. Do you love pizza so much you’ve considered giving up your firstborn for it? Or had a 2 am nursery craving for a hot, cheesy slice? Well, DOMINO’S HAS A BABY REGISTRY. And yes, I’m 100% serious. In addition to registering for pizza specials, expectant parents can also choose from a wide range of onesies, party invites, maternity gear and more. Plus, if your baby is more than thirty minutes late, they’re free. 5. Need a little more privacy when you’re nursing or changing on the go? The Kooi Cover is a handy, hands-free cover that allows moms to nurse or change their babies with added privacy. Now raising funds on Kickstarter, the Kooi attaches to any stroller easily. I’m not generally one to cover when nursing, but I love the video using this shield as a toddler changing stall on beach days.