Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! One of the reasons this song is so timeless is because we all go through changes, and they can be challenging to accept. Whether a baby is on his way, has already arrived or has only just begun as a teeny tiny thought, you need to find balance to transition smoothly into your new parenting role. A good way to do that is to focus in the moment and look to nature for inspiration. I created a meditative yoga flow that will make your outward focus sun energy work with a slight internal focus -- the perfect balance for you to stay confident and stress free as you go through huge life changes during prenatal yoga or if going through your first solo day as a new mom.

Here's a yoga flow that new moms and moms-to-be can do to relax as they are preparing for the huge life changes ahead of them.

1. Warrior 2. This is a wonderful hip opener that also grounds, and tones those thighs and buns. 2. Reverse Warrior. This move intensifies Warrior 2 by opening through the side body. The upward focus brings the energy from the ground out the head, in a celebration of the warmth of the sun. 3. Triangle. After bringing the heat in Reverse Warrior, we cool it down as we fold forward, opening the other side body and further opening the hips and hamstrings. 4. Deep Bends. This opens the hips, strengthens the quads and core, and turns up the heat. Repeat on the other side. 5. Chest opener. Hands clasp behind the back, lift the chin and squeeze the shoulder blades together. 6. Tree pose. One of my all-time favorite poses, it is impossible to do unless you balance your outward focus with your inward focus, and a perfect one to calm the chaos of change. 7. Mountain pose. Have your palms open forward, shoulders back, heart open, eyes closed, both feet rooting into the ground. This final pose tunes us in to our whole system while remaining open to the coming changes.