The Mama Morning Juggle

3 perfectly put-together moms share how hard it really is to get out the door.

The Mama Morning Juggle

*We've partnered with Bugaboo to make your mama morning juggle a little easier.

Oh how we love that quintessential image of motherhood: the perfectly put-together mom cruising down the street, with her smiling, cooing baby tucked sweetly inside her stroller. What you don’t see (and what we sure didn’t know about before motherhood!) is the storm that came before the calm...otherwise known as the mama morning juggle. The spills, the tantrums, the spit-ups, the rushed showers, the mascara applied while nursing. You know, the magic that every mom must perform every single day, just to get out the door.

The perfect stroller can certainly make your morning juggle easier....or at the very least, give you something to look forward to when you step out onto the pavement. So we've partnered with Bugaboo to help put some context behind those quintessential images of motherhood. Below, 3 of the most put-together NYC mamas we know to get honest about their morning juggles, and share exactly what it takes to get them out on that first morning stroll.


Mignonne Smith, owner/founder of Mignonne Gavigan

Photographed in Tribeca with son Fielding Thomas Smith, 4 months.

“My biggest challenge in the morning is time management. So much more happens in the morning than I ever could have imagined -- we basically have an entire day together before I head out to work!

Since having Fields, the entire morning has changed -- nothing about it is anywhere near the same as it used to be. I love to sleep, and used to sleep until the very last minute, but with a newborn, sleep is a complete afterthought. Fields sleeps from until about 5:30 or 6:30am, and I work so hard to pack everything in before I leave for work at 9:15am. I cherish the time I have with him in the mornings...seeing that huge smile when I pick him up out of the crib, feeding him, having him hang out with me while I have a very needed cup of coffee, and watching him do some tummy time. Then the nanny comes and I jump in the shower and race out the door.

On the weekends, though, we just chill... there is some serious pajama time, and showers don’t get taken until much later in the day. Maybe some brunch in the neighborhood, definitely a good long stroll and maybe some couch time to wind the day down. These are my favorite times…no plans.”

Mignonne is strolling Fields in the Bugaboo Bee5.

Belle Augusta Savransky, Photographer

Photographed in the East Village with Levon, 1, and Lou, 4 (not pictured: Biet, 6)

“When it comes to my morning routine, I’m still adjusting to the different way that each child wakes up, and working on allowing everyone to have a peaceful, stress-free morning. While my two boys wake up early and are ready for the day immediately, my daughter (much like myself!) needs some time to slowly get into the flow of the day. I find that by getting to bed early, waking up before everyone, and giving myself a half and hour or so to meditate and enjoy my coffee alone before the household rises, I have infinitely more patience to give each child what they need. That little pocket of extra time for myself reflects back on everyone, and gives me the peace of mind to deal with getting our family of five woken, fed, dressed, and out the door.

A little prep work the night before does wonders for our morning routine. Before bed, we all pick out our clothes, jewelry, and shoes for the next day, and lay everything out in a row. Even my one year old excitedly chooses his outfit for the next day, which is the cutest thing. The kids discuss and decide what we’ll have for breakfast, and I get to work packing lunches and prepping the stroller with diapers, wipes, and toys. The mornings run so much more smoothly this way, and we can get out the door and into the city first thing.

After dropping Biet at school, my boys and I like to stroll through either the East or West Village. We’ll swing by the farmer’s market for veggies and hit up a playground or two along the way. The baby usually takes his morning nap while we’re out and about, and I love being able to recline his seat separately from Lou's and pull the shade down to create a little bed for him. Walking the blocks of the city has always been one of my favorite past times, so it’s really special for me to be able to continue to enjoy it even after having kids.”

Belle is strolling the Bugaboo Donkey Duo.

Marisa Zucker, Brand Partnerships at Well Rounded

Photographed in the West Village with Julien, 1 (Not pictured: Sage, 4)

“Getting out of bed is so hard! Before my son was born, and I just had a toddler, I could buy some snooze-time with Sesame Street. Now, my son wakes me with his calls for cereal and Elmo. It's the cutest way to wake up, though. I'll never be that mom who gets up early to work out and get shit done. But I try to be appreciative of these extra hours with the kids, and remember early wake-ups won't last forever.

Mornings usually start with a good amount of snuggling in our bed. I juggle the kids’ breakfasts, then clean up, pour coffee, and pack lunch for my daughter while my husband showers. Coffee and music are essential to getting into a good headspace! The first few months with two kids and no sleep were awful, but thankfully my husband has always been very hands-on in getting my daughter to school. He usually races her to get dressed, to keep things moving, then they’ll leave for school and work together.

The days I’m on double-duty are craziest kind of mornings! I’m lucky if I get a few moments to slap on some sunscreen, lip gloss and my favorite jeans while ushering the kids towards the door. I'll strap the baby into the Bugaboo, where he'll happily watch my daughter put her shoes on, excited that he's going along for the ride. I'm usually up and down the stairs of my stoop a few times, grabbing everything I've forgotten, then off we go. With two kids and lots of stairs to descend, finally hitting the pavement feels like living the urban mama dream!”

Marisa is strolling with the Bugaboo Cameleon3 with the Niark1 special edition tailored fabric set.

Photography by Belle Savransky for Well Rounded. Photos of Belle by Gaby Savransky.

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