To quote a wise woman. . .

“Life is an adventure if you let it be."

Dare to be proud

Of yourself. And what you accomplish #GetItGirl

Between juggling strollers and kids and to-go cups as we exit the coffee shop, to scheduling meetings strategically around your little one's preschool graduation—we mamas quite literally balance. We just do it. Because it all has to get done.

One mama writes about The Everyday Motherhood Show—watch as we balance work and dinners and date night and how much Bravo we can manage before bed.

Now pour yourself a big one and yes, go for another RHONY.

Dare to be unique

What kind of work lights you up? What are you truly good at? And how can you find the answer to this mystery of the universe?

Well, identifying your unique strenths is a great place to start. Maybrooks, a career resource for moms, explains 4 ways to figure out what sets you apart from the pack.

No judgment if your Snapchat skills are what set up apart. You rock that festival crown, mama.

Dare to fight back

Against the “dads are babysitters" myth.

One mama thanks her husband for not babysitting, “I want you to know that I cringe when someone congratulates me on getting you to babysit—as though you aren't also their parent."

And good thing dads aren't our babysitters—fraternizing with employees is frowned upon.

Dare to be present

Taking time to pause and practice yoga with your little one throughout the day can be calming, fun, and yes—doable. Tiff Delancy—mama, yogi, doula, superhero—shows us the way by mapping out which poses you should try with your mini yogi.

Mamaste. ✌️

Yours in balance (in life and in boat pose) —